Team Slot folders

To save having to scroll through my list of team slots and reduce visual noise, and/or just to make organising them a bit easier, I’d like to be able to group teams inside collapsible folders.

If feeling generous, it might be useful to have the same Team Slot contained or recorded within different folders (without taking up additional team slots, as it’s not unique, just a copy).

Ideally, I’d also be able to save team ‘variations’ at no extra Team Slot cost, which feature the same units/components, but maybe just 1-2 things different, e.g. a different Class or swapping out one troop. Use arrows or ‘+’ buttons for the configuration, without compromising the ability to just click on a team and use it (i.e. no extra clicks if they’re not necessary).

  • Different opponents sometimes call for different set ups; this would make changing teams less clunky

  • Maybe I’m levelling a class but sometimes want to use my preferred class for that set up instead against a harder opponent


i agree. we need at least two folders, GW att and GW def

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