Can we get more TEAM SLOTS?

Give the increased volume of troops and expansion of new hero classes over the last few years, it would really benefit players to have more team slots available. It would be appreciated by all players if this could be implimented.
Look forward to hearing your response.


Not saying this is a bad idea. But in the mean time…
You can save team codes on a separate word document or whatever. And then copy and paste the teams in or out whenever you need them.


Thats fine if you are on PC . But how are we supposed to do that on the PS4 console? Yes theres the copy paste feauture but there is no word document on the console. Yes you can paste in guild chat but after a few days of constant posting it will disappear. This is not really a solution. Hence why im asking with all the new troops and classes being released they need to consider also adding frequent additional team slots


This is one of the few things I’ve always been willing to pay for, I’ve felt stretched on team slots for years. It’s a big QoL improvement and definitely worth a few dollars.


Yeah like an IAP just for team slots? I feel like a lot of people would shell out for those.

You can buy team slot

If we could get our gw defenses to be like pet rescues that would free up 6 additional slots for everybody. It would also mean the correct defense would stay on the correct color with each new gw.


Good idea, but I doubt it will happen as VIP level directly equates to extra team slots.
Even if we had 6 slots available just in the gw tab for defence it would help, that way we’d all have 6 extra ‘attack’ slots to play with…

I agree with Fleg. For guild events, pet battles etc our teams are not part of the base team slots. However GW teams are, and take up a lot of slots. 6 defense, 6 offense, or more depending on the player. If they were done like other event teams we’d have at least 12 more to use. Noticed others said 6, but I counted both offense and defense team slots.


I’ve been saying for a while (once on the forums, the rest of the time in my head) that the value of the 6 (as a minimum) team slots most people reserve for Guild Wars was effectively quartered when GW became a monthly thing instead of weekly, and no additional team slots were provided to compensate.

All the while, we actually have a range of metas to choose from, now, as well as all the new troops and modes – so team slot pressure has increased.

I support the proposal for additional team slots unlocked through gameplay, as well as the option to purchase team slots directly (and free scouting, while you’re there!).

Since adding team slots could diminish the value of current VIP ranks, other things could be added, since it was already acknowledged on stream (I believe) that VIP perks could do with an update :stuck_out_tongue:.


It’s called pen and paper.

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Ive been able to use pen and paper for a long time. Surely adding team slots given the increase in troops is easier than writing out teams and talent tree’s besides my console doesn’t like me sticking paper into it.

This had a reasonable number of comments and has existed for long enough for Devs to think about – would we be able to get some kind of comment on likelihood, feasibility, or avenues to come up with more ideas to make it work?

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