Moving teams around


I don’t know if this has been posted, but i’d really like the ability to move your teams around in the team list. And maybe add borders with custom captions for grouping up certain teams as well (like make a border above your 6 last teams, and caption it “Guild war atk”.

I can’t be the only one that’ve thought about this, right?



You certainly are not @Krang. I look forward to the day when we can arrange our teams by means other than deleting and then remaking them in a different team slot.


+1 to this… again…


Another +1…again. Team management is one of my biggest annoyances in GoW.

And while they’re at it:

  • Tabs in team management. Even if it is only 2 of them.
    Guild wars <> everything else. Or offense <> defense. More tabs even better.

  • Custom ordering / moving teams around.

  • More team slots. With 7-8 defense teams, 3-4 default teams per colour in GW there’s no room for exploration, normal PVP and weekly theme offense and defense teams.


I’d also like to see 6 additional team slots for guild war days rather than use up 6 of your own current slots


Yes to everything posted above!!




We can only wish huh?