Any chance more team slots are coming in the future?

I find I’m getting frustrated by being limited to only having 20 teams on hand.

When there were so many fewer troops, the 20 slots seemed OK. As the game keeps growing, I’d like to keep more diversity on my roster.

If I have a fun, even if not super powerful team, that runs smoothly, I really hate deleting it to try something new.

So any chance that within a couple patches we could get some expansion of slots? I’d be really happy if we got 20 slots for each Hero Class, with each slot remembering the hero perk set for that team, but I know that’s just greedy.


I agree, we do need more slots for troops.

Truth be told, before I clicked on the post, I thought you were proposing some sort of co-operative multiplayer slot machines. The currency would be maps and you’d both pool your balance; each taking a spin and sharing the rewards. But I guess my imagination is putting in overtime… Perhaps I should rest…

plus one from me.

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If they do add more slots it’d be nice if they also added the ability to reorder teams by moving slots around, too, to make it easy to keep them all organized (for those of us who get a bit anal about that type of thing lol)


Plus 1 to ogunther’s comment. I so can’t be bothered scrolling up and down to my “best” teams that I end up only using the top 10 or so team slots.

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Anyone good with math?

267 troops + 139 weapons = 406 options ^ 4 options per team = 27,170,906,896 teams to try / 20 team slots = 1,358,545,344 teams per team slot. I know I am way off since you can only use hero weapons one time.

Alternatively, making teams easier to edit on the fly (mostly banners), reorder, and fixing the glitch where if you edit during the PvP battle preview screen and then back out of the battle it changes your defense team would go a long way toward making the slots we have count. If extra data storage space cost is a factor, I’d be willing to buy extra slots as well.

Ogunther definitely brings up a good point, but new slots would be nice as well.

ITT: People pretending they use more than 3 teams



Lol you busted me. I think I actually have 8 set up but I have them all over the place and like @Baldred said, I can’t be bothered to scroll down to most of them so I effectively only use 3.

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I was thinking that VIP levels could grant extra team slots. Would be an added incentive to pony up some $$ to the devs.

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Not a bad idea and definitely something that qualifies as not P2W so I’m all for it.

I effectively use 1 defense team and 2 teams on offense 99% of the time, so I’m guily of it too.

I still have 14 teams made from before the Console got the meta Troops.


I’m too lazy to change around my defense much (since I really don’t care too much about defensive losses) but for offense, I would go nuts if I could only have 3 teams. Partially this is for pragmatic reasons (there is a small element of rock-paper-scissors when determining what you can most optimally field vs. a scouted defense) and partially this is because, if the defense is sufficiently nonthreatening, I like to bring fun teams to the fight that would normally win at a lower rate than the staple meta teams/troops.

And if you do the daily tasks an extra 20 slots would be useful

I keep 3 slots open for Tasks. You can usually combine 2, sometimes 3, Tasks into a single team.

I’ve got 6-8 slots dedicated for tasks. I rarely have to make more than 1 troop change as the task list is not that extensive.

Edit plus 1 for more slots

I have a team pre-made for every possible task that can come up (some you can double up on like colors), but unfortunately that doesn’t leave a ton of slots for actually useful teams.

I keep a few useful task teams that are actually good enough to PVP in permanent slots and keep 2 ‘task’ slots that I update when I need some other combination (constructs, beasts, Adana, etc.). Then the remainder are there for my permanent teams. I feel like 20 is probably enough, though I would definitely like to be able to sort and re-order them. Even with 20, there are a few slots that I basically never use.

I clear Tasks in Explore mode so I can at least earn Traitstones I need.

It’s all about time management lol