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New game modes = more team slots

Having looked at the new troops on the spoiler section and taransworld in particular one thing is really worrying me. We’re going to need at least another three team slots! Anyone know anything or have an opinion on this? I’m vip 6 so have 6 more slots than people who are vip 0 but there’s no way I can make up another three teams for new game modes without any more slots. I know we don’t know the details yet but I think we’re definitely going to be needing more slots personally.


I’m also VIP 6, but could do with probably another 5-10 slots as it is for guild wars testing variation colour attack and defence teams. I agree, with the new games modes more slots are definitely going to be required.

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i have :
slot 1 - Event Def team (to help people get event stones if poss/test defs)
2 - 'daily task team’
3 - event speed pvp ( firebird forest guardian firebomb + the event troop eg: sister of shadows last week, scuttler this week)
4 - ‘bombotters’ (bombot explore team)
All the rest are 1, 2, or 3 gw colour teams purple,red,yellow, green, blue and brown, then gw def teams.
If i want to experiment i have to delete or change a couple of the teams right at the bottom of the roster. This is a huge pain as you can’t use the triggers to fast scroll.

They should offer a paid pack in the store for extra slots (and keep the +1/VIP level). Of course they should add the bare minimum of slots to play to the new modes for everyone.


What’s the max number of teams someone can have without the extras from VIP?

I have 42 total slots. It’s still not enough.

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I fully agree team slots are really needing to be more widely expanded than what is currently offered. Its almost as bad when you go into a F2P RPG that gives you 12 character slots and 4 bank slots (example only). Then tosses a bunch of crafting materials you’ll need at you. So then you find you have to juggle. Even paid games can sometimes be like this. GoW instead of starving its members of slots should simply allow something along the lines of 1 slot = x gems. And then this way those who wish to expand can do so by paying gems. And the more slots they wish to unlock the higher the cost is with gems.

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i suppose i could take away 6 from however many i have. i’ll check later.

You can never have enough team slots, so much to cater for. Any modes should come with their own designated slots such as guild wars colour days, both defense and attack.


I’d like to see a option where we can pick a number for the slot and go to it, regardless of what we name it.


Hopefully all these viable ideas will be implemented one day :slight_smile:

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