More Teams needed

With the introduction of Guild Wars the need for teams has increased.

You need 6 preset teams for attacking with the color bonus, and possibly another 6 teams for defense against a specific color if your opponents have the same color bonus as you each day…

That only leaves 8 teams for non guild war play…


More coming soon


I’m unsure if extra slots will be given for free. I also think it’s probably better for the game if they have to be earned or purchased somehow. Not saying I don’t want more slots, of course I do… but for the devs to invest normally we’d see a way for it to monetise…

Perhaps buy them for gems. Or link them to the Armour purchases. And or link to cosmetic purchases like avatars. Or just hook them on VIP level.


Honestly, I wouldn’t be opposed to this. It’s not like more slots is a necessity, just a little something extra to ease the clutter and back-and-forth of team composing.

VIP levels sounds like it’d make the most sense. But free or not, I’m interested to know more.

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What’s wrong with sticking with the current method of unlocking at certain levels?

That part where I said:

Or improve the 8-star kingdom bonus by making it unlock an extra team slot. :tada:


Good news.