Team Quick Select

I find myself often having to click and scroll through the teams list to select a specific team. This issue is exacerbated by the inability to quickly reorder teams, but it would still be a pain even then. What I would find super useful was an easier way to select my great teams, a “favourites” or “quick select” option if you will.

For example, would it be possible to have several icons (perhaps represented by mana gems or a banner) down the left or right hand side of the basic troop selector. So even when I have a team selected I can one click swap between 3 to 6 teams, allowing for a faster and more efficient PVP experience.

I’ve mocked up an example of this interface below showing my Silver Soul team selected in the quick selector. Meanwhile you can seen that my Double Dragon team (the dragon banner) isn’t selected.

I imagine you would set which teams appear in quick select via the Bonuses menu in the team creation screens, in the same area you rename teams.


Love this idea! And the ability to reorder… PLEASE!!!

Awesome idea! I don’t know how many times I have manually reordered my teams

Great idea! :smiley:

Also I must add, it would be better to make a list of the 5 first teams one have set up(and can scroll further down), in the PvP menu, so one can just click on which one to use, by clicking on its team name(no back and forth), and just take away everything that has to do with edit teams in the PvP menu. Edit teams should only be bounded to the Troops menu found in the map, I think.

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'+1 to this, and also to be able to re-order the teams list, please.

@studs: QoL?

I’d be amazed if re-ordering wasn’t on that list already. This quick select concept looks kickass though.

Try searching for necromancy trait on console, it takes aaaaaggges!
Why there’s no search box is beyond me.

Very nice idea! Re-ordering was already on the QoL list. I’ve added this.

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