Team: Girl Power


Been trying to set up a Girl Power themed line-up.
Not completely there yet. But it has brought some victory.


There should be a team bonus for these kinds of teams.


I tried one with Emperina in it. She’s the cutest of them all. :smiley:


I was considering her as well.


I have set a team called Girl Power as my defence team for some time now…

Atlanta + Avina + Lady Sapphira + Scarlett…

So I think I get bagsies for having the idea first…


Love the title @Archenassa!


Still waiting for you to say hello and claim yours winkwink


If you choose to deviate from the yellow mana bonus, Shadow-Hunter would make a good addition.

Also, Valkyrie should probably be before Celestasia, as that would allow a more tactical looping method.


At some point I’ll have to actually try to make a viable Girl Power team :slight_smile:


This is nice; it brings back memories of the early days when Sapphira was super strong, as well as the initial soul rush when Valkyrie single-handedly changed the farming game, and made Avina jealous and bitter (she’ll never stop frowning now ^^).

Also yes, Emperina for the win, Emperina forever, Emperina for life! Emperina, Emperina, EMPERINA. :cupid:

Edit: Come to think of it, my current dragon line-up is pretty close to being all female. It’s Bone Drag and the Angels, basically. Can’t make it all the way until Sheggra finally shows up in a chest, some day (I want to believe! ^^)…


Thanks a lot! ^^

Also not to be off topic: no all-women line-ups feels right without the Banshee. :stuck_out_tongue: