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Magnus PVP team ideas!

Good morning folks!

Whever GW week rolls around, I like to experiment with teams for each days attack. This week I came up with a team that was really fun and quite fast.

Infernus (obviously)
Queen Aurora
Magnus (VIP right here)

Purple/Blue banner.

This was a lot of fun to play and I went 5/0 really quickly with it.

It got me to thinking how much I love Magnus as a troop but rarely, if ever, see him in PVP.

I’d like to set up a team that uses him for defence and offense but am stumped for ideas other than what I have came up with for an all purple team.

Would love to hear thoughts and see some ideas to test out :slight_smile:

Have you considered Titania instead of Magnus? I appreciate that this is a team built around Magnus, so perhaps this is a moot response…but in terms of raw damage, you might find it to be a boost.

Also, you could try Alchemist/Moneylender/Gard’s/Magnus.

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Dark Troll




I’ve had fun with this setup


@HootyMcOwlFace, Titania is really cool but I’m not looking to replace Magnus. Although, I wouldn’t mind trying a team with her and Magnus. Do you have any recommendations?

@YankeePhoneGuy, I have everything except Scorpius, still! Perhaps there is something that could be used in place of it? Also, I’d love to make a Scorpius/Wyvern team once I have him. Put EK in first slot and maybe Ragnagord in second. I’ve seen that around and it can be brutal :smiley: