Best full dragon lineup


I was thinking to try a full dragon setup.

Which is for you the best dragon army?

I have all troops except Sheggra.

I’m trying with Venoxia/Emperina/Bone Dragon/Celestasia but I’d like to know from the ancient players if there could be a better army, for example with Shadow Dragon.

Thx and Hail the Dragons!


Everyone seems to like Bone Dragon, but I like Sheggra instead. Once Emperina fills, it really has no use until Venoxia is in critical condition. Therefore, all of the extra reds are going to waste with Bone Dragon.


I like to use double Venoxia, Celestasia and Sheggra. It uses all the mana colors and feels quite nice to play. It can be an argue were Bone Dragon could be better in some cases, since Venoxia dooes true damage the enemy troops always have armor for Bone Dragon to scale. For me I highly value the fact of using all the mana colors I like it that way…


I play like Serale:
2 venoxia, sheggra and Celestia
the mana composition is really great

In your composition Madking, if you place bone dragon in 3rd place, venoxia use purple mana and emperina brown mana, difficult to charge bone dragon…
If you want to use this composition, i think it’s better to place bone dragon in the 2nd place


+1 to the Venoxia X 2, Celestia, Sheggra composition


Thx, I was worried that Sheggra was mandatory for a Dragon line up, and you all confirmed my fear.

Sadly it’s the only troop that I’m missing :cry:



why not use Emperina instead of Sheggra temporarily

they use the same color of mana :slight_smile:


Thx, I will try it.

I was also thinking about a possible line-up with Venoxia and Shadow Dragon, with SD used to fill up Venoxia


@madking I wouldn’t say Sheggra’s mandatory (thankfully!). My dragon line-up consists of the 4 troops you’ve listed (in a different order, though) and I’m loving it!

Venoxia is the only dragon I ever obtained from opening chests (never had much luck with those ^^), so I don’t have a choice: these are the only 4 dragons I have in my collection. But beyond that, it’s just a very solid line-up, and it fits my play style like a glove.

Emperina is criminally underrated in my opinion. It’s one of my all-time favorite troops. Unlike @utfanx2, I don’t use her as a mere first-aid tent. I use her spell more liberally; it doesn’t just refill someone to full life, it also gives them extra life and attack. With the new life gain from Celestasia and attack gain from Venoxia herself, it all adds up very quickly. I wouldn’t use a different line-up even if I had Sheggra, honestly.

What I love the most about this combo is that you don’t need to spam gems and rely on looping turns (it never hurts, but it’s not the name of the game as with the old Venoxia + WebSpinner combo). You need to be very careful not to get Venoxia hurt too much before she starts getting tanky, but beyond that, you reach a point where she one-shots anyone with simple skulls.

Bone Dragon is just a safety net in this line-up (and also a 4th dragon, as required to get the magic bonus). In many games, he doesn’t even get to play, but I like having him handy when the stars are aligned. I have him at the bottom, because he’s the least of my priorities in this set-up, in terms of both mana and life (bottom is the second most dangerous slot to be in after top; I don’t want my precious supports, Emp & Celest in this case, to be in either slot, ever). Typically, I’m comfortable using his spell only when Veno has a lot of attack and life, when there’s already a fair amount of skulls on the board, and when at least one enemy has a lot of armor left. It can backfire horribly, otherwise.

Last but not least, Bone Drag usually gets a lot of mana from when Celestasia picks Purple instead of Green from Venoxia. In the double-Venoxia, Celestasia, Sheggra line-up described above, you’re setting up the board for the opponent and not gaining much for yourself when Celestasia happens to spam Purple. Doesn’t seem as reliable to me.

Shadow Dragon is great and he also has purple synergy, but on the other hand, he removes all yellow when he plays, which is bad for Celestasia.


thanks @LegendMaker for your precious hints!

I will give a try to this setup to give a deserved rest to my usual exploder lineup


My pleasure! Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


Venoxia + Emperina + Celestasia + Bone Dragon for me…

Same team but with Sheggra instead of Bone Dragon comes a close second


I tried the exact same one as LM and Jainus, and it was both fun and highly effective. Not having Sheggra isn’t an issue. :smile: