Dimetraxia- new troop, or one I missed?


I just bought a 15-pack of Magic keys, and one of them drew this guy:

I’m pretty sure I never missed this guy, but it’s too early for a new event, so…what’s going on here? Not that I’m complaining, mind you. :smiley:


New Kingdom. Really ought to have a pop-up in game, I barely figured out it was live when I saw the blog post.


Yeah, I checked which kingdom he was from after I posted, and I was like “Darkstone? Wait a minute…” Sure enough, there it was. Turns out I also got another troop from there (the Hag) that I didn’t even notice when opening the chests. Plus I finally got the Crimson Bat (YAY!) and an extra Jarl Firemantle, plus at least 4-5 other epics. A really good haul for 15 magic keys. And this will mark the first time I could potentially use the “hero” of the kingdom before beating all the quests. lol


It’s also not a guy, but a lady Dragon. :wink:


Guess I haven’t gotten far enough to figure that out… Is it just me, or are all the “good” dragons female (Celestasia, Emperina), and all the “bad” ones male/undisclosed (Shadow Dragon, Bone Dragon, Venoxia)? Sheggra is the only exception to that rule I can think of, but I might have missed a hint about some others.


Guess I missed/forgot that one too. lol Are there ANY dragons that are confirmed male???


The bone dragon


Venoxia is male. The flavour text says “his friends”

Bone Dragon is confirmed male.

Celestasia and Sheggra are confirmed female.

As Venoxia is male with a name ending on A, unless the storylines specify that Emperina and Dimetraxia are female, their cards and names do not, even though they appear to be female.


Emperina at least has a female voice and I think in the story she is said to be female. Don’t know about Dimetraxia. I haven’t played her story yet. Leveling the new kingdom is more important ^^


I seem to remember the story confirming Emperina as female, too.


Emperina and Dimetraxia are both female. Rather than male dragons being bad (which is purely coincidence), I like to think about how most of the male dragons are Epic Bosses and therefore cooler :sunglasses:.


All this focus on the gender of characters, makes me question whether there should be a gender based team bonus?? :grin:


Perhaps a way to incentivise use of the hero:

For an all male team including hero: +1 attack & +1 armour
For an all female team including hero: + 1 magic


So anyone have a fun team with Dimetraxia?

My current team with her is kind of lame: 2x Soothsayer, Dimetraxia, Sunweaver.

It does Ok, but just doesn’t feel like a fun team.

So far Hydra feels so much more dragon like than Dim.


Bone Dragon is confirmed male.