Venoxia - a dragon?

He must be a monster, since he have no wings and live in the swamp. :slightly_smiling:

Venoxia: No wings? Foolish mortal.

V: Do these look like hands to you?

Speaking of odd troop types, how exactly is Orion the Centaur a Fey and not Wildfolk?
Also, if Goblin + Rocket = Construct, then shouldn’t Goblin + Boar = Beast?


And how is Bone Dragon a dragon when he could also be undead at the same time? And why is the Templar a knight, when the Paladin from the very same kingdom is divine? How is the Goblin King not a giant? I guess they should rework the troop types anyway. Like GobChomper getting double skill dmg vs monster, when there’s no monster in any lineup at all, at least I never encounter any =P

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I’ve always thought of Venoxia as a dragon. The wings are clearly there too…

Orion is a Centaur? How did you come to that conclusion? I thought it was just the mythological hunter, as is.

Obviously not. A Construct means something combined together artificially, so Goblin Rocket is not a goblin that has a construct attached to it - The goblin itself is the construct. In comparison, the Boar Rider just rides the beast, it has not become the beast itself. Same thing applies to other riders (Drake Rider, Griffon Knight).

[quote=“JasonAshcroft, post:3, topic:3083”]
And how is Bone Dragon a dragon when he could also be undead at the same time? And why is the Templar a knight, when the Paladin from the very same kingdom is divine? How is the Goblin King not a giant?
[/quote]You’re talking about troops fitting in more than one type, which is a different problem, discussed multiple times in other threads. This thread, to my understanding, is about a troop that (supposedly) does not fit in its own designated type.

Anyway, the answer to your questions in the current system is:
Since each troop can have only one type, there is some sort of preference order to types. for example, Human is a last resort to things that don’t go anywhere else, so a human knight will be considered Knight. Farther up, an undead knight will be considered undead (Grave Knight), and an undead dragon will be Dragon (Bone Dragon). So we have Human < Knight < Undead < Dragon.

Fixing the system is not going to be easy. Just giving troops two types (Race and Job or similar) won’t help all troops, you can always find troops that fit three or more types. Making a multi-type system style pokemon could work, but it will make a mess of team bonuses. Personally I feel the current type system is fine as it is.

Well, considering he is half horse…

Not to mention the quest dialogue:
Atlanta: Orion is big; he’s twice the size of normal Centaur.

Really? It looks like he’s riding a rocket to me:

Although I do see your point about the other Riders.

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Well then, I don’t know about Orion. I’m not even sure what ‘Fey’ means in this game.

But for the Goblin Rocket, I still feel like he isn’t just riding the rocket as one would a vehicle or an animal, It’s more like the rocket is the important part, not the rider. Maybe it has to do with the facts that rockets tend to explode when they arrive at the destination, so that’s what actually does the damage.

Also, note the names of the troops. The name Boar Rider describes the rider - the goblin. Same with other riders. But the name Goblin Rocket describes the rocket, not the goblin, which makes me assume the troop itself is actually the rocket - otherwise it should have been called Goblin Rocketeer, or Rocket Rider, or something else of this sort.


First time I have seen his wings lol. But cant help it, when I had only seen Venoxias face/neck before, made me not think of a dragon. Great topic btw!! Makes me laugh so good. Sorry to all Venoxias blood fans :joy: :joy:

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I’m intrigued by the thought (pre-conception?) that a Dragon must have four legs plus wings or must fit a certain design stereotype… For me, Dragons can come in many odd shapes and sizes…

Probably AD&D is to blame…

Also, from memory, Dragons first arose in Chinese mythology and they were traditionally long snakey things with no (or very small) wings… No doubt someone will Wiki this and correct me, but you get my overall point…

Doubt anyone would had been shocked if he was a monster tho, and that even if he has wings.

Chinese Dragon has no wings. You can use the wish-granting Shen-Long in Dragon Ball Z as visual reference. It’s basically the same mythological creature. (Minus the wish-granting ability)