Top Dragon Lineup

What are a few of the best dragon lineups?
I am currently having Gorgotha/Krystenex/+9 Titania Fan (Dragonguard)/TDS
Gorgotha is for mana generation (not a dragon)
Idk what to put for the last slot. But high AOE enemies tend to destroy this team w/o a healer.

Divinia instead of Gorgotha, that’ll fix your healing issues.

I like these:
image image

Abyssal Banner with no purple? I think you’ve done something wrong there…

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Thank you. Let’s say I’m running Krystenex, TDS, Mang (Dragonguard), Divinia. What order should they be in?

Would it be better if I sub Mang for Drake Rider (for Red Explosions)

Banner: Dragon Claw (2 Red 1 Yellow/ -1 Brown) or Prideland (2 Red)?

I used 3x Krys +Emerald Tear (dragonguard; +2 purp +1 yellow -red banner) for like ages (before heroes became useful I had TDS in place). No need to think. It’s repetitiveness gets boring though.

Actually only dropped it, because Archaean Weaver +Possessed King are more fun.