Team Build Challenge (Adana)

So I had an idea, peeps may like, or may not. But how about a challenge where we try to build the best team (defense or offense, note which one) we can based on a particular kingdom. It might help to let players see some options for defense teams that aren’t goblins, and I would be very interested to see some higher player’s takes on some of the “lesser” cards. Since part of the idea would be to help newer players see possible builds rarities are limited to base rarity of Ultra-Rare (try to stick with just one) and below as well as storyline Epics. These are cards that a new player could reasonably obtain and start playing around with.

So here are the rules for this one:
Must be base rarities Super-Rare and below except for Epics obtained through storyline missions.
Must have at least one level of Adana Kingdom bonus
Must use primarily Humans or Constructs (the two popular types in Adana)

Here is my take:
I started alphabetically, and that honestly may have been a mistake. Adana seems like a really weak kingdom to try to build a team around. They don’t have enough humans or constructs in the rarity limites to field a good bonus. Their epic is off type for the rest of the kingdom which really kills the flavor. I chose to go the Human route because I didn’t like the way the colors were stacking up mixing the humans and constructs. I barely met the minimum requirement for the Adana bonus.

Offense team (with the AoE damage and the boosting of yellow it might work for the AI, but it is really bad at transmuters which is kind of the core of the team)
Banner: Progress Banner +1 Red +1 Yellow (Adana’s banner, that worked well!)
Musketeer (Base Common Adana, Human)
Atlanta (Base Epic Divinion Fields, Human)
Alchemist (Base Rare Adana, Human)
Elwyn (Base Epic Pan’s Vale, Human)
Bonuses: Lord of Gears I +2 Armor, Human General II +2 Armor, +2 Attack, +2 Life. Total: +4 Armor, +2 Attack, +2 Life.

I managed to get mana coverage except for blue. Basic idea would be to use the Alchemist to charge Atlanta and Elwyn. Atlanta does decent aoe damage and Elwyn can choose rows / columns containing extra Yellow to power his attack. Musketeer can pick off weakened enemies and serve as armor for the team. Looking at the traits you could unlock on this team, things could get really interesting. Two troops would be immune to silence, Atlanta (when you got to her) would true strike skull damage, and all troops would gain a little more life (among other effects). One you had the appropriate traits, you might even want to switch the order around to get Atlanta out front earlier making greater use of her true strike skulls.

Clearly not the strongest team ever made. Adana could truly use some synergy love from the devs and a little better mana spread would really help as well. I like that they focus a lot on yellow, but would like to see something other than red and brown mixed with it. It treads too much on the alchemist’s needs and slows everything down.

Hope some peeps take up the challenge and have some fun slumming it in Adana! If not, well I did at least. :smiley:


I haven’t got an Adana team yet.
My dwarf team I am using right now though is:
Dwarf Lord
Dwarven Miner.

Oh I don’t have this team either, other than as placed together under an unamed banner. Pretty sure they are all < lvl 10 as well. :smiley: Just thought it might be fun to stretch our minds a little and see what we could come up with.


Not bad, I like this topic idea, but I’d personally wait on kingdoms that have yet to acquire their 8th troop yet.
Adana’s 8th troop could provide a lot more synergy, but we won’t know until it’s actually released.

If you decide to make another of these threads containing an 8 troop kingdom, I’ll be happy to participate! :grinning:
Otherwise I’ll just come back to this one when the 8th troop’s ready. Might have a suggestion to throw up then.

I’m hoping / expecting that something like this will feature as daily/weekly challenges, rotating around kingdoms and troops…