New Team Testing Ground


Looking for a suggestion on a way to test new team ideas. Being a relatively new player all of my creatures are not at lvl 15. I want to try out a concept before I dump a large number of souls into leveling the creatures behind it. Unfortunately when I try to run quests the monsters are all lvl 15 even though my team might all be lvl 2. Also challenges scale up once I beat them, and then don’t appear to be repeatable except at the highest difficulty which holds the same problem as the quests. Obviously Invades / Defends with their trophy cost as well as fully team bonused and leveled participants doesn’t really work either.




Possibly head to the Arena? Have a go until you see/build something you like and buy it out or level it / something resembling it. Closest thing in the game at the moment, clearly we need some kind of punching bag…


Play a lot of arena! It’s a good way to familiarize yourself yourself with troops you might not have or use very often, plus a great way to get money and souls!


Thanks, unfortunatley (or fortunatley technically) I have accrued enough epics and legendaries I want to start building around them. The arena won’t really help me much there.

I will say however, that playing in the Arena early on helped immensely with my understanding of what worked and what didn’t. Of course that was before 108. Now with random troop bonuses applying there and some of the kingdom bonuses it seems less of a learning playground than it used to.

Thanks for the response!



You can also replay challenges.

Sword’s Edge first challenge is 4xLance Knight. I go into that one and can get a pretty good feel for if a team will work.

So while you won’t gain much for winning, you won’t be out much gold for playing it.


To be clear, I have 2 very effective (well one less so post 108) teams at lvl 15, and a couple of “putz around” teams at lvl 5 to 10. I am wanting to see how some specific team ideas work before investing in them. I am also trying to help out my wife with building some team ideas and need to playtest suggestions before handing them over to her, or to pilot a similar team through a few battles to get a feel for what might be causing her trouble. Doing so against max level challenges, quests, or PvP battles hasn’t really been helpful so far.



Seems like a “weak” challenge even at lvl 15 will be the best answer right now. I will check out the first challenge in each area and see if I can find one that works as a good test bed despite the level difference.




I’m there with you. Have about 5 legendaries I believe, maybe 10-15 troops at level 15.

Pre patch, the main reason to get to 15 was to level up your Kingdom. With that gone, stopping at a lower level is very viable. It doesn’t cost many souls to level up to 8 or 10. (Does anyone have a levelling up chart to actually put a number to this?)

But the later levels are 300+ souls per level, for minimal gain. The total stat difference between a level 10 and a level 15 wouldn’t be that much I don’t believe (gut feel, no facts or anything to back it up). The only troop that I think really makes a difference are ones that have: 1) aoe effects based on magic, where a 1 stat gain in magic means a big difference, 2) gem creation (Acolyte, Siren, Borer). If you miss with gem creation, you give your opponent a 4/5 of a kind usually and it really backfires. Other than that, I can’t think of an instance where the stats would make that big of a difference.

Personally, I’m stopping at level 10 now leveling up troops. This way, when you play arena, if you have all the troops at level 10 you can purchase them for 1 gem, and get a bunch of souls (can someone provide numbers for ultra rare, rare, and common disenchant? I know common is a measly 5 souls).

I think the only way you can test a team is to actually play it. I’ve asked for a lot of advice on teams and there’s a big difference between an effective team, a fast team, and a ‘fun’ team (fun being different to everyone).

If you want to post up what you have people can put their input towards it.


This is a great idea, and could help newer players save souls on leveling, and provide a good soul income if enough units are level 10!


Common = 5 Souls
Rare = 10 Souls
Ultra Rare = 25 Souls
Epic = 50 Souls
Legendary = 100 Souls

Arena troops could provide a maximum of 40 souls per gem.

Threw the last two in just for completionist purposes.


So 1 gem for 40 souls. Not mind blowing, but nice.


all info here! General Guide for PS4 & XBOX users (1.0.6 ver)


Sometimes I wish for an actual testing ground (or Free Battle Mode) where you can test teams against other teams of your wishing.


I’m all about the odds of a testing ground, where you can choose the enemies you face, no rewards but you get to test teams out vs other teams you hate.


@Machiknight Exactly what I meant. This would be also very useful for beginners, when their gold is low.


Yes, this is basically what I was hoping I was just missing. One of those, I am 99% sure this doesn’t exist, but if I don’t ask and it does I am going to feel really dumb for not asking.

In the meantime, finding a challenge area that can be repeated at max level and provides a reasonable challenge without instant crushage seems like the best option. Well that or eventually just leveling all the darn troops anyway eliminating the problem. The idea of getting everyone to 10 or so seems like a good plan as well. Something I am working on, but it still takes souls, and I want to try all the cards not just 3 or 4 so it is still quite an endeavour.