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Tasks are out of sync

I saw my task was to play games with Zhul’kari troops, so I did. After 10 games or so I checked my progress (I had to win 15). When I did, I made no progress, and the task was different in detail (I needed to use Beast troops). Pics attached.


Huh Jainus had that the other day, let me see what happened there…

Okay not quite the same, he had it saying one thing and then a different one when opened up for detail - one PVP match fixed it and they were the same thing. Might’ve been what you have?

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Yes I had:

  • map screen pop-out listed (bottom task) to win 8 battles with ZK troops
  • but at same time, when clicked, the detail task window had win 25 PvP battles as bottom task

I sent screenshots to the devs.

I noticed this as well and it seems like the screen that shows them bigger is the correct task.

The small box on left top corner shows it wrong.

Always seems to be the last task I notice as well.