Task stuck not working

I have had the same task for 2 days now to complete 6 battles using 3 unique urska troops I’ve tried using 4 using just 3 battling in Urska using the banner and the task is still 0/6 how do I get rid of it?

Sorry if the question sounds dumb, don’t mean to make you look like a newbie, but just to make sure: You are using Urska troops and not just troops from Urskaya, correct? That’s a noticeable difference - there are troops from Urskaya which aren’t Urska and there are Urskas which aren’t from Urskaya (there are some from Shentang).

The eligible troops should be: Barbearius, Corrupted Urska, Doomclaw, King Mikhail, Pandaska Guard, Urska Savage, Urska Wanderer, Urskatyr and Xiong Mao.


Lmao nope :joy: u hit the nail on the head I think I was just using Troops from the kingdom…didn’t think to try an actual race :joy: I feel so slow


Glad I could help.:smiley:
I am on PC and don’t have tasks, so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I’m pretty certain it would say “Use troops from Urskaya” or “Use Urskaya troops” if you were supposed to just use any troop from the kingdom instead. :wink:

Lol yup now 1/6 :joy: I would have never thought to try that thx