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Task rewards counters not showing progress(Using a Gold Key will update the tasks properly)

After playing several task games I noticed that the rewards are not awarded.
I had the task to play with 3 Gulvania troops, which I did but didn’t get the rewards. Then I tried another task, to play with red troops but there was the same problem, after playing no rewards.
The game does notice I’m playing several games since the task to win 75 games does recognize the games played.

Right after I wrote the previous text I went back to the game and now none of the task rewards are given.

I play on PC via Steam.


It is better to post screenshots of the team you are using and your tasks progress before and after the battle.

It is happening to me and guild mates.
the counter does not add your progress. you have to restart the game to get rewards

I also found the task which says win 25 pvp battles showed a discrepency with my wins last week.

Got the task on monday so this was much more visible.
After 31 wins the task was complete and after some careful observation it seems revenge only battles (revenge + rival was ok) weren’t recognized towards the count.

I would love to hear from others with the same issue.


I can confirm this. Ps4 as well.


You can use a gold key to force the tasks to update properly.


I had to reload the game to have mine update. Did this with three different troops.

Also, the event Scurvy Dog tab just shows the background, no troop.

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This is happening on mobile iOS also.

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