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Daily task can't complete real time (spend 1 gold key, do not restart)

win 10, GOW version is
time: 7/2/2018 18:29
account: 谓我心忧
I usually use the Chinese Edition but it cause a delay for some problems.
Today when I use three unique troops to complete the daily task and win 8 battles, the system don’t give me the reward ! I try more battles but the task don’t complete.
I don’t know why so I change the language to English, the reward comes as soon as possible …
I think it maybe a delay between daily task and battles, and I hope it won’t happen again


I’m encountering the same. Made a team that has 3 Pridelands troops, won two games, still says 0/8


Came to forum, saw your post, so just closed and reopened Gems of War and here we are properly at 2/8


I’m currently using Steam version.

Edit: same on Android too

it seems that the server is in great busy, the daily task can’t response in time, just I finish the last task and wait 1 minute to get the reward…image

The game response is slow, but instead of closing the game and coming back a quicker action that forces an update is using a single gold key.


Same prob here. i completed 2 tasks, still said 0/10 and 0/8. Then I closed game and reloaded and it said “Task completed” but I received no rewards for the tasks. 1st time I see this problem with tasks.

i spent one gold key and my tasks updated and i got reward. i didnt restart game though.

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The rewards could have been already added, despite you not getting the message of completing the task.


No Razzagor, my Gems total stayed the same. 15 gems missing. If it happen again, I will use this gold key trick @UKresistance thanks

If that’s the case @Cyrup can certainly help you, it may take a little while because this issue is probably flooding the support with tickets, but i’m sure you’ll get your gems.

Same problem.

Yup, I’m having the same issue. Just startted today. I’m on Xbox One, if that matters.

I noticed this earlier, such an inconvient bug that has appeared from nowhere. Will take note of the gold key tip until this is fixed if I can’t be bothered to restart the game :+1: