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Twice today, I did not receive rewards for guild tasks

Two guild tasks I was waiting to finish, completed without my receiving a reward. These included the Yellow 6 reward and the Red 8 reward.


This happened to my guild, Legion of Lunatics, today. We didn’t get the Brown task 5 gold keys. Last week we didn’t get the Green task 5 event keys. It’s annoying to put so much gold (at our level) into tasks that don’t pay out.

Also from Legion of Lunatics, is there any possible way to reimburse our guild for the task rewards we did not receive? I hope this isn’t a common occurrence as it really makes you think twice about donating to the guild. Thanks

Same issue here, again…

Was unguilded at the beguining of the week.
Then go in guild 1.
Left guild 1 because no activity (chat or anything) and went in guild 2.
Now It says that I had already received the rewards.

Could you unblock that? Thanks!

In our case, there was no changing of guilds. We completed the tasks and received nothing - not even a message about it.

Now I got the same as jujubre.

I’m the guild leader.