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Tacet's Twitch Username Vote

Ah July 4th. America’s birthday, and mine :open_mouth:

It’s also the day I finally get to move out of my dad’s place. I’ll be on a flight by 7 am. :stuck_out_tongue:

I likely wouldn’t be able to stream that much on Monday, which is why I was considering the 11th for start.

Also, we did it everyone! This thread has more replies than views. First time I have ever seen a thread like that. :smiley:

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I want to see you take on @dhjl. His run against Sister was quite entertaining to watch – though honestly I have no idea how the game remains “fun” when you play hundreds of matches every single day…

Well, I’ll be answering questions about the game, talking, and possibly other things while doing the Stream. It would be pretty stale if 1 team could still team wipe all teams by the time I do that stream. xD

If I take a solid lead, I’ll probably play on my newer account too.

There is only one Terror, hes called Tacet. :wink: