First Time Streaming! please help a noob out! :)


Hi all,

I will be streaming gems of war Live right now!!

Please come help me, im pretty new to this game and would appreciate some help making a pvp team. lol thanks!


Video: Strong Defend Teams

Nice to see another streamer. I may have to start streaming too. My only concern is my connection isn’t the greatest.


Draco!! You have such an awesome stream! And you’re in the best guild ever. Go Cutiepatootie!


Hey all,

I am streaming again tonight :slight_smile: Please come watch I have been working hard at getting a better team going and would like some feedback ^-^

Will also be giving away bonus codes so stop by!!




Yes awesome!! Go guild cutiepatootie!


I just tweeted & facebooked your stream… you should see a few more folks jumping in to watch shortly!


omg thank you! :slight_smile: that was very kind of you! i will have to pick a night next time that i can play for longer.


Waiting for more streaming news.


hey hey, Just bumping this, i plan on streaming some gems of war tonight. I’ll be going live soon but will be playing Starcraft for about an hour first and then switch to gems of war in about an hour and a half from this post! Thanks :slight_smile:


Gems of war now!111!