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The TaliaParks Streaming Thread

Link to YouTube channel

I am ready and willing to start live-streaming!

One small issue is I am wondering what to do or say, especially with my first broadcast.

I will be to see comments live, so I will be answering questions, that’s certain.

Who’s interested in watching?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

First broadcast is scheduled for tomorrow, 7:00 pm Central (US)
(approximately 24 hours from this post)


Nice … I’m also cst :wink:


What time would that be in the uk

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UK is 6 hours ahead of CST, so 1:00 am.

I will be streaming at different times of the day and all my streams will be archived on the channel.

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Ok cool thanks.I check it out.


At this rate it’s just going to be me PvP’n and doing Q&A

Just subscribed to your youtube channel


I guess I can do some Maps as well. (It’ll be mostly PvP though)

There are a few tricks to it I’m sure a bunch of players don’t know.

My first ever Live Stream starts in 5 hours.

I figure I will be introducing myself, highlighting some team builds and showing them in action along with some Q&A.

However, any advice or suggestions on what to do or talk about are welcome!


Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

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Any idea how long you plan to stream tonight?

Also, if you’re not used to doing this, I’d suggest you spend some time practicing talking and playing at the same time before you go live. It is amazing to me how Tacet is able to process the game mentally while talking continuously for as long as he does.

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I plan an hour or two, depending on viewers and if you can keep me talking :wink:

I work from home with two kids and my wife. I regularly play while talking, doing work or even doing crosswords/sudoku, should be a breeze hopefully.

@TaliaParks will it just show up as a live stream or somthing on your youtube page ,

I believe so. I’ve never done this before so maybe I should do a test run first :smiley:


Starting soon? I need to mini raid you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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15 minutes to go before I go live

Link to channel

I’m available for a bit if you need someone to check a test-run.

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Thank you but my wife helped with her tablet.

Everything works, volume is good. We had a 10-15 second delay, hope that isn’t a problem.

Sounds good. Does the stream show up in a new section of your channel page?

Break a leg!

It should. I also set it to be “promoted”.

I’m out, going to start the broadcast