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Where's Tacet? Need 15 character

Haven’t seen Tacet steaming for couple days. Is he still OK?

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There are some Hurricanes in the US.

It is past his area now. But it might have done considerable damage to his home and to his community.

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In his most recent streams last week he said he would be relocating temporarily to (hopefully) avoid the hurricanes, so wouldn’t be streaming for a while.

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Stay Safe Tacet!


im in his guild and his last game was 1 hour ago. he was in top 100 faction event last saturday so i think hes doing alright. not sure if hes home yet tho


From Tacet’s fan page on Facebook…

Hello everyone! Just a quick update on hurricane Florence and the YouTube channel.

I got back later on Monday from the hurricane evacuation. There is good news and bad news. The good news is I still have a house! The bad news is it did take a slight chunk of damage. Mainly 2 noteworthy damages.

Most basic damage was some roof shingles falling off and various debris around the yard, which I spent today cleaning up. From what I can tell there is no roof leaking luckily, but it is enough damage that it may need some patchwork or even just eventually completely getting redone due to it being a rather old roof that likely won’t hold too many of the same instances again.

The second more annoying instance of damage is mainly to the under the house ductwork for the AC/heating system that was recently installed. Currently it is not functioning due to the hurricane rainfall. Hopefully after it dries up some it will start working again, but there is likely some amount of damage down there that will need to be fixed before I have working AC again. This is mainly an issue because of the heat. Not just the fact that it is hot, but that my laptop will easily overheat in the increased temperature.

With all that being said, it will likely still be several days before I get back in the swing of things, likely be next Monday being fully back to normal.

I will be catching up on relevant Gems of War videos soon over the next few days, as well as getting back to the 8 PM EST streams every day. Due to laptop overheating, I am not fully sure if I will be getting around to the Friday and Saturday morning streams, as it would mainly just be bounty hunter, but will hopefully be able to get in at least one of them with that one likely being the Friday stream.

Anyways, thanks for the concern everyone! Will see all of you later on Tuesday.


Stay safe Tacet!

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Oh, yeah, man. I live in the States too and totally forgot Tacet lives in that area. Damn. Well, glad he seems to be doing okay. Sucks about the roof, but I know it could have been a lot worse.

Some of my Guildmates got caught up in the hurricane too. Thankfully, they’re doing okay as well.

Hope everyone in that area is safe and sound.

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@Lanny Thank you for posting this!


He also streamed last night, I didn’t get a notice though, but here is the link:


Do people outside the US think there were multiple hurricanes here?

I thought this would be a picture puzzle like ‘Where’s Wally?’


A Where’s Wally book set in a hurricane? That would be wild.

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Now I’m picturing an app where as you move through a crowd, the “HELLO EVERYONE!” gets louder or softer to tell you if you’re closer to finding Tacet… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


its waldo here :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we do a book called “Gone with the Salty?”

Seeing this thread just makes me think this :joy: