Sylvasi and Summer Imp on XB1?

I’ve fought a couple PvP matches where the enemy team has had Sylvasi or Summer Imp. I’ve never seen these come from keys and they don’t show up in the troop list when filtering for “Show All” - just like Goblin Rocket.

Can either of these actually come from keys on XB1? Is there some other explanation of why they are extremely rare to see in the wild (e.g., developer accounts, perhaps?)

I play on ps4 and got Sylvasi today (magic key), and I’ve never seen one in PvP, so I think it’s a recent addition.

Thats interesting. Something may have changed in which he’ll be available from magic keys, but he certainly isn’t a recent addition. I’ve seen him show up several weeks (months?) ago along with Summer Imp.

At one point, he was showing in the troop list. The patch/update/change that removed the ability to filter on kingdoms that aren’t present in the game seemed to be about the same time that I could no longer see Sylvasi in the troop list.

Sylvasi has been in the game and available with iron or magic keys for as long as I remember. It’s part of Pan’s Vale. As for latest availability, got one last week in an iron chest. (I have 7 Sylvasis atm)

Summer Imp is the one I’m most curious about. My friend says he got one months ago, but he also trolls a lot so I take it with a grain of salt.

The reason you don’t see many Sylvasis in PvP is that by itself, it isn’t very effective without proper support and it’s not trolly enough for a joke defense team.

I’m willing to bet Summer Imp was an event Troop in one of the first weeks the Consoles got the game, but we never got any of the other Imps.

So maybe Summer Imp was part of a bundle that costs real money, again way back when the game first came out.

Maybe @Nex or @Mr.Strange can elaborate…

Are you on XB1 or PS4?

I have multiples of every epic troop. 10+ on several of them now. Mixed with the fact that it doesn’t display in the troop list (at least for those who do not own it), there is something up with this troop, for sure.

Xbox One:

Here’s what I have:

Alastair: 16
Atlanta: 7
Avina: 18
Aziris: 2 (bought one this week)
Barbearius: 3 (bought one)
Brian the Lucky: 15
Cthyryzyx: 1 (bought)
Dokkalfar: 1 (bought)
Elwyn: 14
Emperina: 10
Ferit: 12
Finley: 10
Ice Witch: 4 (bought one)
Keghammer: 14
Lady Sapphira: 12
Luther: 10 (most after server-side update)
Ragnagord: 5 (bought one)
Raven: 12
Rowanne: 16
Scarlett: 6
Shadow-Hunter: 4 (bought one last week)
Sparkgrinder: 7
Sylvasi: 7
Tankbot 2000: 2 (bought one)
Tau: 16
Terraxis: 1 (bought)
Tyri: 16

If anything, the server update made more of the former event troops available. I even managed to snag a second Celestasia. Don’t know if it made it impossible for current players to get Sylvasi if they didn’t already have one, but it was definitely around and somewhat easy to get before.

I have both Sylvasi and Summer Imp and I play on Xbox One.

Slyvasi from Iron Key

Summer Imp from Magic Key. ( Actually got 2 epics along with the Summer Imp, definitely the best Magic Key I ever used! )

@TRUTH and @TheIdleOne, do you recall when you pulled Sylvasi (and Summer Imp) from the chests, perhaps only before the December 22nd xbox update? And now they haven’t been showing up since?

I have one copy of Sylvasi. I pulled it from an iron key in December. In the XB1 Arena I’ve seen troops like Giant Spider which I’m almost certain is a Steam/PC/iOS troop, and also Grave Knight (long before it was offered for Glory in the Store). I presume that no one is able to pull these additional Arena troops from chests.