UPDATE (March 3rd, 2017):My missing Legendary and Mythic troops as of now

I have all legendary and mythic troops except these ones:
-Shadow Dragon

Out of all of these troops, my two worst enemies are Orion and Shadow Dragon, I’ve been playing this game since the day it came out on Xbox One and I still haven’t got these two troops. Oh well, the RNG system is a bit too random at times, hopefully someday I’ll get the remaining missing Legendary and Mythic troops.

What legendary and mythic troops you’re having a hard time acquiring?

UPDATE (March 3rd, 2017): I finally got Queen Ysabelle from the guild chests last night so she’s no longer on my missing troop list.

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I have all legendary apart from…
Summer imp
Spring imp
And the only mythics I have are…
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Abynissia (2)

Level 940

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I have spent thousands of keys, glory and gems trying to get Wulfarok and Pharos-Ra. The new legendary this week so far has eluded my efforts as well.

Level 1146

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I got Wulfgarok today with 50 VIP keys!

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My Mrs got it from a few gem keys, lucky sod!

I won’t count Summer Imp and Spring Imp from now since they’ve yet to get an official release on consoles.

For me, it took a 130 gem keys to get Wulfgarok on the day it got released on consoles.

Just missing the legendaries of spring and summer imp as well as bone dragon. Mythics I need are just famine and death.


You’re a jammy bugger though!


Maybe so but my luck has dried up in recent weeks until today with wulfgarok :slight_smile:

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Missing Queen Ysabelle and Mythics I have are Famine, Draakulis and Wulfgarok

How you didn’t get her in event chests was beyond me, our lass gets ten in 50 and you get zero! RNG is mental mate!

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Autumnal Imp
Queen Ysbelle
Spring Imp
Summer Imp

The last one, is the one that hurts the most.

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Queen Ysabelle I need one copy.
I own every Mythic.
Summer and Spring Imp


Now i hate you!!! Lol good job

But i got the queen, summer and spring imp :stuck_out_tongue:


Sylvanimora is a very good troop, you’re definitely missing out on it!

I’m on PS4, level 1004.

I have every troop. I bought daily gems once as an extreme noob, when I was level 50 or so. Otherwise, no gem purchases, ever. Only Death Knight armor and an arcane pack (strictly to bump me to VIP 5). I had over 20,000 gems hoarded from guild tasks. Still haven’t ran out. I didn’t even have to use any to get Wulfgarok. The nerf to guild rewards isn’t as bad as people made it out to be.


War, Death, Drakulis, and DRACOS1337 are very hidden on my PS4, as I can’t seem to find them.
Wulfgarok jump out of a bunch of glory keys from the first guild tasks completed this week; it’s all so random :wink:

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I have all legendaries and a few mythics.

These are the mythics I’m missing:

  • Aby
  • Famine
  • Guard
  • Plague
  • Drakk

I have been getting lucky with the more recent cards it seems but I’m still missing a majority even though my play time and style and rewards have stayed exactly the same. RNG for ya.

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Your right the nerf might not be as bad for us being members and ex-members of high guilds like SBG and MM. We all earnt a shitload of Free stuff for months compared to other guilds and helps having GM’s in high guilds allowing little to no donations while kingdoms are completed.
Also if you have had a good run with RNG regarding Mythics then of course you won’t be feeling the sting like others will be with bad RNG or low guild.

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