Imps on console

Are any imps currently available from chests on the console platforms? Emphasis on “currently”. I know at some point in time Summer Imp must’ve been available because there are some people that have it.

Is it planned to make them available any time soon? We’re currently in Spring and Summer is quickly approaching.

@nex @Mr.Strange - any info?

Summer Imp was an accidental temporary release.

@Mr.Strange has said the Imp are a low priority and that we are getting most, if not all, the Weekly Event Troops from Kingdoms first.

Yup. Imps are a low-priority troop for us. There are a whole lot of really interesting & meta-shifting troops we want to get pushed out before we introduce imps onto consoles.

Why not slowly add troops to chest while also releasing a troop of the week so that the console can catch up to pc/app as far as troops go and when you announce the weekly troop also mention a new troop in the chest. This might make people want to get the new troop in the chest as well as those going for the troop of the week.

GoW’s economic model is built around weekly kingdom-themed events, with one new troop released each week.

That’s a pretty fundamental part of the game - it’s not something we would change on console. We are finding ways to incrementally speed things up - such as shifting to the 1.0.85 balance faster than PC/mobile did, eschewing imps initially, releasing new kingdoms faster than they were released on PC/mobile, etc.


Hmm, that is good. I want to eventually be able to play this game with my stuff on console from being a pc user and all so hopefully when ps4 and xbox catch up to the pc/app that i can play on all types of the game.