Support.. Yeah, well

In-App purchase failed to give anything, so immediately set about contacting support with the information they would need to correct this by crediting my account with the bundle.
Nine hours later, (which I must admit I thought was quite fast), I get a response, “Could you please send us a screen shot of the receipt and we will look into this further for you”. So within the hour, I send them my receipt of the purchase, quite pleased that my account would be set right soon…
…over 24 hours later I get this, “We need to know was it last weeks pack or this weeks new pack. please let us know and we will add the items for you into your account”. Which wouldn’t have pissed me off so much if I hadn’t already given that exact information in my very first email. But I send the information again, thinking to myself, “soon atleast…soon”.
But that was over forteen hours ago, and over 48 hours since the issue in the first place.
I would have thought issues involving In-App purchases would be given priority, either this isn’t the case or the ‘Support’ system needs a major update…
Rant over.

48h and your problem is about to be solved…

Sounds about right for me.

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Honestly, I’m half expecting a response in 12 hours saying, “Could you email the receipt again please, we lost the first one”

Errrm… When I sent a support ticket in other app games I don’t even get an answer…

Go try your luck with any issue of your choice with Blizzard’s support… Then come back and worry about this one…

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Lol? Blizzard support is the best among all the companies I’ve made transactions with.

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Well, apart from Blizzard’s GM’s poor spelling and their horrible… truly horrible macro’s, ie “You hear a whistle in the wind >woo-woosh< (enter GM name here) fades into the distance!..”. The speed and success that I’ve had with Blizzard has been incredible, even after they have mentioned it could be a 12-hour wait for reply, the longest I would have waited was two hours before personally chatting with someone in-game or via email.
Update: 21 hours since GoW Support’s last email, over 50 hours since first incident report…
Edit: How many millions of people still play Blizzard games?

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7.5 million only on the official WoW server. :smiley:

Wow, here’s something to compare my experience with GoW support:-
After responding to the second ‘slap-face’ email of GoW, I decided to share my experience with Apple, through which the original item was purchased.
I’ve just received a reply from them (first response mind you), where they have mentioned the following:
"As a valued customer of Apple, I am glad to let you know that we determined that issuing you a refund is an appropriate exception to the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions, which state that all sales are final. I have reversed the charge for this purchase and within ten business days, a credit of … should be posted to the credit card that appears on the receipt for that purchase"
Issue resolved, from a third party, in a fraction of the time. GoW support, you must extract digits from exits or you’ll never keep up.
A much more satisfied, zachraziel.

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So if GoW support apply a pack to your account (as they might likely do) I assume you will be asking them to take it off again - since apple already refunded you :wink:

I would like it noted here that I have always had excellent service from support at GoW over the last 13 months .

A fair point you’ve made, but I’m a fair person and have emailed support letting them know that Apple is resolving my issue. My point was made and I’m happy that atleast someone was forthcoming and helpful.

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@zachraziel, I’ve reviewed your case this morning personally, and our response time and handling of the ticket was unacceptable.
I apologize for that, and completely understand & respect your decision to reverse the charges. We’re going to apply the pack you purchased to your account anyway by way of apology.

We’re also going to internally review our Support procedures to try and make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.


@Sirrian, acknowledgement and an apology mean more to me than you could know, mate. I want to thank you for this.
To know I will receive the elusive pack I was trying to buy even after contacting Apple is very much appreciated and makes me feel like my opinion means something more than I have felt in the last couple of days.
Thank you again.


Brilliant ending… :blush: