Super-fast Trait Stone & Soul farming technique/team

Hey everyone! I’ve been “secretly” using this team build to farm like a banshee for weeks. I say “secretly” because I actually did use it in my “NSFW Swearing” video which I didn’t promote hehe

This team and farming process has given me an incredible run of Souls and Trait Stones, so I wanted to put together a video to share this with the community.

I really value the constructive feedback I’ve received in my other videos, so please keep it coming!


Been looking for another one of these videos, keep up the good work!


Nice work… would love to see one a little more geared for someone who isn’t already buffed to pieces.

How do you think I got buffed - it was using this team! :slight_smile:

If you see the “NSFW Swearing” video in my channel which was done on Sept 3, you can see I’ve come a long way in only 2 weeks. One thing I’d point out is that I was using the Necro class in that video as my Sorcerer class hadn’t even been 1st traited.

So as I say at the end of the video, don’t be discouraged if you see a discrepancy between my progress and yours - this team is how you can get buffed fast!

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What are viable alternatives to Behemoth? I have Sooth who destroys gems but does not cause damage directly. I have Marilith and Bat who do true damage but no gem damage. Bat uses blue/red, Sooth brown/green, Marilith red/green, so they don’t all use unique colours.

Try Venbarak (blue/purple, 18dmg to all) if you got it - would be charging fast on the overflow both from Valkyrie and Giant Spider. You would have to change the team order though cause otherwise Venbarak will block blue mana from Giant Spider… Hero/Valkyrie/Giant Spider/Venbarak.

Thanks, I have Venbarak. I will try this team tonight.

I tried it just now for a couple of explores. Charge Valkyrie, cast to charge Giant Spider, cast to charge Hero and Venbarak will most likely be charged as well. Cast Hero first and in the rare case that something’s still alive, Venbarak will kill it. Works fine… gets boring quite fast though, cause a match usually only takes about a minute.

Not bad but Morthani’s Scythe doesn’t do anywhere near 31 damage on console - I have to assume hero magic was buffed on PC/Mobile?

Depends on your hero’s level, kingdoms’ level & power, etc.

Wasn’t boring the 1st time I tried it in Drifting Sands. Same thing happened to me as did to @KrudlerTheHorse with some horror appearing after a monster’s death. Need to trait Venbarak and add the last level before ascension, but the team works. Boring I can handle as long as it’s fast for farming traitstones.

I’ve been using Hero/Sorcerer/Creeping Death - Giant Spider - Valk - Death for stone/soul farming. Necro on both Valk and Death means max souls after just one Valk cast. Single cast of Hero and Death wipes teams at Warlord I.

All hero stats are currently inflated to a ridiculous degree on PC/Mobile. Magic is probably at about 5 higher than it should be alone. This is reportedly a bug that will be fixed, but not until next version.

Before you even consider traiting Venbarak, you should look at Queen Mab instead. Ven has Magic Link and costs less mana and hits impervious troops, but Mab is overall better otherwise. She also fits well in teams like Soothsayer/Valk/Mab/Rowanne, Valk/Mab/Row/Mercy, Valk/Valk/Mab/Mercy, Sooth/Mab/Valk/Mab (etc.), and these won’t lose any power when hero stats get fixed. If you dont have Mab or Behemoth, though, it may be worth traiting Venbarak up to the “magic link” trait for faster charging.

Personally, I’ve been using Green Slime/Dragon Soul/Shadow Dragon/Soothsayer just for the change of pace (sylvanimora in the last slot is way stronger, but I like soothsayer better for fast explores). I tried a bunch of different variants for valk/AoE explore teams and some non valk teams and they had nearly identical average clear times over ten battles. Sub-90 seconds on average (worldmap to worldmap) is a good mark to aim for with souls teams if you are going for speed clears, or sub 2 minutes if you are going for two casts to cap souls every fight.

The only non-soul-farming team I’ve found that is significantly faster in explores is using a bombot team with huge armor, such as Deep Borer/Bombot/Imperial Jewel(Mechanist)/Blast Cannon where I can fill in one match and clear in two back to back casts (three back to back casts on a bad board), which was over 50% faster than any other variant I’ve used.

I believe Mab would be a good substitute for Venbarak in this case. You dont need any of Venbaraks traits for the explore team though, so you only need to invest some souls. Mab’s ‘Arcane’ wont make much of a difference because you wouldnt want the match to last long enough to get her aoe dmg to Venbaraks values.

I believe there is currently a bug on PC that erroneously boosts hero stats… I’ve seen this in my armor and health as well.

Not sure if I mentioned this in the video or not, but I have all the +Magic kingdoms to 5 stars which doubles the magic boost double.

But the point is not so much the damage rather the team and technique. Behemoth is there to a) tenderize; b) gather Mana; c) re-arrange the board on slowdown. Morthani’s is there to a) heavy damage; b) Skull-spam the 1 remaining enemy troop that is always tankier than the other 3

This team scales wonderfully, and is great for PvP too. I almost use it exclusively now. With Behemoth’s 3rd trait, he’s so tanky in front it’s borderline unfair.

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Another Viable Alternative that i have found to be fast if you have him is Magnus. Not to say someone new would have Magnus, but i have him, and i don’t have Vanbark or Behemoth. My Scythe does 16 damage so it needs something to soften them up even on easy. With Sorcerer level 10 talent Plaguebearer you disease on 4 or 5 matches typically within a turn or two all enemies are diseased which boosts Magnus damage. and then Diseases and Poisons which many times kills some that are left on the next turn. But greatly weakens for Scythe follow up. Though you are not blowing up blue for Behemoth. You can many times turn the excess blue you don’t need for spider to purple. It works pretty fast.

Dude. This post was 3 years old.


Does that make it not relevant? This was pretty much the first thread i saw when searching this topic. And it had a lot of good information. Perhaps you have a better suggestion that is more up to the time. Also, it seems like you also found this thread fairly quickly as well.