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Team Soul'ed Out - Generate souls fast and fun

Hey everybody :slight_smile:

Thanks to everybody for all the positive comments both here and on Reddit for my recent team build “Beastie Snax”

You’ve given me the heart and motivation to put together a new video that shows off the soul farming team that I’ve been using for a while.

Pictures speak better than words, so please take a look and let me know whatever questions, criticisms or feedback you have. My aim is to help out by sharing my creations, and take everybody’s feedback to improve my video-making skills


Enjoyed this, thank you. Dad cameo and Dad cameo bloopers were great :sunglasses:


Note that you get valkyrie’s souls if you lose too.

Hey Kharybdys, I wanted to test it to make sure before I replied and you’re right!

I did a Challenge fight, cast 4 or 5 times then fed the AI skulls until I lost, and yes I did get the Souls that Valkryie generated.

That’s an important clarification, thanks for pointing it out. I’ll add an annotation to the YouTube video around then with a shout out.

True that, but it’s also worth mentioning that with valkyrie dead, you lose the necromancy bonus (with a team like the one the video features, it doesn’t matter much, because you use her so many times, you’re way over the cap anyway, but if you are used to having to charge valk specific amount of times for the cap (2, 3 or 4 for example), then with her dead, you might end up bit below the cap :slight_smile:

nice video! I’m sure it’ll help many people, and it’s great to see someone else trying it out apart from Tacet. Keep it up man, good luck

e/ a question, how do you feel about this team vs the 4 and 5-star challenges btw? (on warlord IV, the stat difference for the enemies is significant, so it might slow down quite a bit on the final challenges), I would probably suggest (personal taste ofc) doing first 3 stars on warlord IV, then switching to Warlord III (personally I’m too lazy for juggling the difficulty so always used WIII for challenges and quests), the reason for that being: WIII vs WIV gives you only 25% souk bonus (which increased the cap by 10 souls) for the cost of 100% more monster stats (which on the last challenges might mean as much as 50 more hp and 15-20 more attack on everything). So I simply chose the convenient speed vs 10 extra souls (you can make more souls by playing the match again in that time).

Yeah I left the Nec bonus stuff out b/c the team is for new players and I felt that too much information like that might distract from the core message which is : here’s a cool team I’ve been using, try them out for souls !

Thanks again for your constructive criticism. I’ve put a shout out on Reddit for your clarification and I’m just trying to figure out where to put an annotation in the YT vid that won’t distract. Not sure if maybe at the end??? What do you think?

Nice job with the video. I use a very similar Soul Team – mine consists of:

Naga Queen

The point of mine is that once I’ve over-transformed the gems, I can reset the board with Abhorath, not to mention that he then heals to full, which is further enhanced with the Naga Queen’s ability, and Abhorath’s 2nd trait.

Should also mention, that with a few casts, you can max your gold for the battle with alchemist & his merchant trait, so is doubly efficient.

Pretty unique team,and the best thing about it is that you can change the first troop if you want for something like treant,since hellcat,alchemist and valkyrie are a very good trio to get souls fast.Your videos are great,hope to see more soon.

You are right, I don’t think new players will care much about the necro bonus. With your team that won’t be an issue :slight_smile: so I don’t think there’s a point making any extra comments on that, unless ppl ask directly.

here’s an idea for your next video though, you could explain the mechanics behind the soul cap (I see that coming up in the global chat often, people not being sure what affects the end cap, what the base cap it and so on, and the fact that not all multipliers work for all of the battle types makes a difference too!) (no idea if tacet ever made a vid like that, even if he did, those questions are still being asked by new ppl).

Oh wow… I never even thought of Ahorath… wow every time I post a video I learn more about this game than I ever thought I knew - thanks I’m going to try that adjustment :slight_smile:

There definitely reaches a point where either there’s an internal “combo breaker” or something like that because yeah, eventually you can’t keep transforming.

Someone else suggested Aziris to help clear out the skulls. It will typically fill up as a side-effect of all the others being filled, and it can create a four or five of skulls once there are enough to clear out those.

You pretty much read my mind for the difficulty settings :slight_smile:

Yes I do stars 1 & 2 on Warlord IV, star 3 at Warlord II and the stars 4 and 5 on Warlord II.

All fights are winnable with this team, and I must emphasize all fights. This is because you basically never give up board control, and when you do it’s only to let the AI have a crappy 3-banger of skulls at which point you carry on as before.

I recently deleted a video from YT where I absolutely crushed a fully traited, all-Mythic 8,200+ team when the team in this vid was only ranked comparitively around 5,700+ But as time is a factor, I wouldn’t recommend this team for regular combat unless you get so good at it that you can play it from instinct without thinking.

That’s a great point. This team is a good spring-board to a wide variety of other teams. Swap in/out whatever feels natural when you want to start doing more damage, etc.

I started with this team when I dreamed it up so many months ago, then I expanded from there as I grew bored of it and I collected other troops.

I’m a hard-head though and always want to do things my way without watching tutorials… I can admit it XD

I replaced Alchemist with Empowered Mercy and all I can say is that it works. Doing Explores on Warlord 4 - it’s not fast but it certainly is effective.

Um, yeah…it wipes up in PvP too. Just whipped a team comprised of:

3* Manticore
3* Maw
3* Bone Dragon
3* Sorcerer with Prismatic Orb

It does indeed work in PvP though I don’t always recommend it for that because it can be slow. However, one of the really cool thing about having endless board-control is that you can punch-out teams that are way above your “pay scale” so to speak.

As I was saying to another commenter, I once clobbered an 8,200+ team when my troops build was ranking somewhere in the 5,700 range :smiley:

Wicked suggestion HT… that sounds like a cool addition because there’s pretty much no real use for Purple Mana in the build, other than to catch them as accidental cascades. I’m off to try it myself to see :slight_smile:

Yeah that team I just beat was like 8150 and mine is just under 6000 since I don’t have Hellcat or Naga traited…

Feels damned good don’t it lol :smiley:

It’s very similar to a Whitehelm looping team I use, also built around Mercy and Valk with Templar for the other color feeder. It loops forever and can beat teams way stronger but it’s pretty slow.