Gems of Farmville


So now with all these spiffy new traits and whatnot let’s talk a little bit about farming.

What are your setups for farming souls, or gold?

What’s the ultimate setup for farming both?

What’s the fastest setup and setting for farming?

Currently I’m using:
Skelton (fully traited)
Keeper of souls (necromancy trait)
Valkyrie (necromancy trait)
Green slime (no traits)

It’s relatively fast, and gives decent souls even with dragon armor on, on normal difficulty. I use it on warlord 2 if farming challenges for traitstones.

What about you guys, what are you using? I would live to find a speedy build that farms gold and souls.

Soul farming Help

For gold/souls I use a build someone else had, I forget who atm:
Green Slime
Keeper of Souls

For traitstone farming and exp, I use:
Glade Warden
Bone Dragon
Ancient Horror


Those look fun.

Still experimenting with a lot of approaches; however, a guild friend posted this today. I enjoy Psion so this sounds fun:

Green Slime
Bone Dragon
Psion ??? Profit
Valkyrie (Necromancer, baby!)

He suggested yellow/red or blue/yellow banners.


I really need to level up abhorath


That’s KAYA’s build IIRC… and I’m using it as well. I do want to find something else to lead with because Abhorath still feels risky/clunky - fully traited would be amazing though.


I use:


I’m running:
Anointed One
Sea Serpent (Red gem creation can help a stalled board.)
Valkyrie (Necro)

It gathers souls well while grinding traitstones.

What is the best gold farming/soul farming team?

I do something similar:

Anointed One

Red/Yellow banner.

The Banshee refills red as needed, and is also a nice targeted damage to overcome Agile troops. But I only use it on challenges, not PVP. Anointed dies WAY too fast against any player built opponents.


I’ve also been using KAYA’s farm team for the most part, might as well earn a bunch of souls whilst I stone hunt! If I get a bit aggravated and just want to breeze thru the most challenges per minute of gameplay I’ll use a True Shot team. Four hits, four dead usually.

Question: has it been confirmed that setting the difficulty higher will increase the drop rate of higher ranked traitstones? I’ve just been keeping it a normal since it seems to be the most resources per min. However I’ll set it higher if it’ll increase the chance of an Arcane drop. Been going at it for what seems like forever in Adana to get one Arcane Storm to drop so I can get Water Link unlocked on my Valkyrie.


I decided to unlock Leadership on Abhorath and it appears to make a difference. +2 in all his stats makes him tougher and using his ability isn’t as risky since it adds +10 to his attack.


Yeah, its quite good. Should see what it does for Knight Coronet, that troop is a monstrosity now.


I’m using : Skeleton, Green Slime, Valkyrie, Bone Dragon


By using the warlock instead of the keeper you are able to pick up the karakoth 3 troop kingdom bonus. Get abhorath to 32 life with +9 attack (no trait) and have both the slime and the Valkyrie feeding the regen with the warlock and the Valkyrie providing purple deny for opposing skeletons, bone dragons or keepers. Not as fast, but more resilient and let’s be honest, if you are farming souls you want more Valkyrie procs with necromancy anyway.


Yep, @KAYA43V3R. I use it too, mainly for souls. With necromancy, Dragon Armor, Warlord II for a total of souls x3.25, the max is unfortunately capped at 130 per match.


i am using: armour is dragon untill i can get the souls armour
serpent (full traits because why not)
valkyrie (necro because obvious)


For soul/stone farming in challenges, I bounce around 3 teams:

  1. Glade Warden
    Griffon Knight

  2. Druid
    Drake Rider

  3. Glade Warden
    Green Slime
    Keeper of Souls


Just curious, what banner are you all using for @Machiknight’s and @KAYA43V3R’s build?


+1 Blue +1 Purple - Valkyrie trait boosts Blue to 5 from there. If not using Abhorath, +2 Purple is probably fine.


Great, that is what I was playing around with–Old God’s Banner (Abhorath, because he is … like … an old god or something :sunglasses:) and Undead Banner (Skellie instead of Abhorath). Thank you.


+2 purple, old gods