Super Durper Ultra Rare Daily Task

Well after over 18 months of doing Tasks I finally got Win 8 Battles using Orcs!

My surprise can not be diminished with the ill designed 1st slot task to “Increase a Kingdom’s Level”, nor the repeated recurring 3rd Task “Win 15 Construct Battles” that occurs every few days.

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Congrats on getting the Orc Task. Jackpot!

I’ve been playing Xbox GoW since launch Day 0 and I’ve never seen “Win X battles using 3 unique Orc troops.”

The “Win 10 battles using 4 unique troops of {something}” crops up every other day however, and the “Win 15 battles using 3 unique Constructs” shows up with rather annoying frequency. Loathe it, really, since I can’t get my Constructs to play nicely together…

“Remember, kids, it’s all fun and games before someone loses a sprocket” :seat: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I had constructs yesterday, simultaneous with 3 red troops, and found TDS, Archon Statue, Courage and Flesh Golem was a non-horrible low-level explore soul farming team. Picked up about 2000 souls and an arcane in the 15 battles, so not a total waste of time. Took less than 25 minutes.


Thank you, I couldn’t believe it, I was absolutely stunned! @Alpheon ? I think said others races were in the Task table. Maybe in another 18 months I get one for Goblins… You never know.

AND it was fun as I never play Orcs.

“Non-horrible” Do you understand for Constructs that’s almost OP. We might need to start a Nerf thread;)

I’ve been trying new teams every few days I get this. Still not pleased yet. Il try your TDS, and ‘friends’.

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What’s the rewards for the orc task? I don’t hate the contruct task like I used to but it pops up far too often, as does increase a level when it’s impossible to do so.

  1. Sorry, I was to excited to do something other than Constructs and I’d never heard of another player ever getting Orcs in the history of Gems. I didn’t look at the rewards, perhaps +5 Gems?

  2. “I don’t hate the construct task…”. I hope the two of you will be happy together. :smiley:

To be clear, my TDS and friends was pretty-much just TDS soloing every battle while the others looked on. I could have put Archon Statue in front to tank, but didn’t really need to. Flesh Golem was at least contributing a necromancy bonus, but I didn’t once cast Courage or FG. Still, not horrible.

And you’re right, they should add a feature where putting three constructs on the same team somehow thwarts your efforts to complete battles. Like having a 100% chance to mana-drain a random ally on any gem match. That should restore a reasonable level of fun and challenge when completing this task!

P.S. My wife and I both had orc and naga tasks in the last couple weeks. These were firsts for both of us. I think I had a wildfolk or wargare task, too, but I can’t remember which. Pretty sure I’ve still never had Raksha.

Oh I fully understood that immediately, That’s why even with out even trying it I nicknamed your team TDS and ‘friends’.

Feel free to try Queen Mab and ‘friends’. Same principal as above just using Mana Burn as damage.

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I’m a big fan of “Gorgotha and friends”, too, though usually that works best when one of his friends can do something useful.

I thought you might be through the soul wall already, so didn’t know if having a soul-farming spin-off would be of any use to you. I still need about 100k to finish off my “true kingdoms”, so picking up a few here and there is still of benefit to me.

Keep an eye out for the Storm mechanic when you guys get Suncrest… works quite nicely with Exploders like Gorgotha (Garuda in particular is a good combo)


Garuda is not a Construct, so that completely invalidates the team/combo (for Daily Tasks)

Anyhow, the fundamental issue is not really team composition or even the complete lack of synergy among Constructs. Its the Task Table favoring hard coded tasks. You tend to always get Constructs with a sprinkle of Zulu’ Kari and Adana, and every so often something different interesting (a RNG Task). Hopefully once PC/Mobile is finally on Unity, we won’t have to wait an additional 18 months of doing Constructs before they adjust the table…

I think Oz was commenting more on general team-building with Gorgotha, and honestly, I use Gorgotha and Friends for all kinds of tasks. However, applicability for task teams will be severely limited. Gorgotha/Garuda might work for a 4 of the same colour team using yellow, or a 3-red team, but I think I’ve only had one Elemental task ever and I’m sure Stryx will come up even less often than orc or naga, if ever. His traits aren’t much good for tasks either, unless it is a Stryx task.

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Yeah, I was thinking in terms of on topic, than general team-building. Red or Yellow Mana Tasks aren’t lacking synergy or options though like Constructs. I’d even guess Red and Yellow might come up with less frequency than Constructs. (as all 6 colors together are probably in the same single entry on the table) .

I don’t know. It’s been a long time since anyone has put any effort into tracking and cataloging the available tasks. I only have my imperfect memory to rely on, and 3-colour teams are so easy to work with that they never stand out.

Mrs and I both had the impossible to complete for us, ‘increase kingdom level’. I’m fed up with this one. I can’t do anything about it!!!