PS4 GoW no reears for taks completed

I have 3 tasks on my GoW for PS4. a match using 3 troops of the same race. 2. Win a battle using 4 troops of the same mana type. 3. Win a battle using 4 troops from the same kingdom. I am inmaugrim woods kingdom. I used 3 goblins lvl 15 for the 1st task and 4 goblims for the last 2 tasks. Did this 3 times for challemhe and quest and have not recieved any of the rewards. Whats going on?

You need to use 3 or 4 unique Troops.

What kind of troops are unique? im a lvl 77 but still trying to figure some things out.

So i came here to figure out what the title meant. i was not disappointed. Also you fricken console players are so lucky to have daily tasks and all.

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Lol we get new tasks as we complete them.

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Unique Troops means Troops that are different names.

  1. This is Troop Type, so you could use Goblin, Goblin Shaman and Goblin King (all Mauraders)

  2. This is any 4 Troops that use the same color (just one color, not both)

  3. This is any 4 Troops from the same Kingdom (4 different Troops, remember)

Thank you. May need to reword the tasks so they are easier to understand.

A couple Tasks are also completely wrong in their descriptions;

  • The “Buy 4 Treasure Maps” is really just USE 4 Maps
  • The “Win 50 Trophies” is really just 10

Might be more, but i haven’t seen them yet.

I’m guessing the tasks are bugged since I have tried many many different troop setups of unique troops from the same kingdom and winning matches without accomplishing the tasks. I’ve searched the whole site for answers but thought I’d reply here as you seem to be quite prolific here :slight_smile:

I will take the direct help approach here and ask you to quote what the Task says and give me an example of a Team you have built to attempt said Task.

I’m currently trying to complete the task ‘win a battle using 4 troops from the same kingdom’.
I have tried;
Zombie, Alchemist, Goblin Shamen and Finley
Flesh Golem, Keeper of Souls, Alastair and Skeleton
Goblin, Serpent, Scarlet and Goblin Rocket
Satyr, Serpent, Golem and Atlanta
As far as I can see from posts on the forums, the troops need to be unique. I’ve also read ‘unique’ means different named troops but I have tried unique troops from different races, mana colours etc to no avail.
Thanks for replying. Even an example of four troops to try would be great help :slight_smile:

Goblin, Goblin Shaman, Hobgoblin, Boar Rider.

That’s four from 1 kingdom. Looking at your choices, I don’t see 1 off the top of my head that’s all from 1 kingdom.

Easy thing to do when building the troops is to limit your choices to 1 kingdom in the filter rather than having it on all kingdoms.

Note the above suggestion also counts for 3 troops of 1 type as well (all Marauders in this case)

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Thank you so much for helping, I feel a little silly for not realising I could filter out the troops by kingdom. I had only looked at the kingdoms on the map to see what troops were from that kingdom.
I’ve been playing this game on PS4 for some time now and just hadn’t thought of trying that.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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@Shiratori explained everything 100% correct, so there’s nothing more I can add.

Hope it all works out!

I did thank you. It’s so reassuring knowing there are people here that are so ready to help. Thank you both.

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Well, you DID tag me so I couldn’t miss it :wink:

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