Sunweaver the indestructible

I just made a team using Sunweaver and Brian, and the pair is unbelievably powerful.

Fighting in a level 10 kingdom, Sunweaver grants 7 to stats and mana, and Brian can boost magic by 6. If Brian casts magic only once on Sunweaver, it will now grant 13 to stats and mana. Considering Sunweaver takes 13 mana to fill, and can cast on itself, the result was ridiculous.

Sunweaver instantly filled itself every turn, so that I didn’t even have to touch the board until a skull or match-4+ popped up. It kept giving itself 13 attack, life, and armor over and over until I was able to match a skull.

My new defense team shall be Sunweaver and Brian alone, as I don’t need two other troops to win. Banner will be set to Wild Plains, and home kingdom to Zaejin. If I am feeling evil, I may add a pair of Aziris to the team.

Yes, she’s really cool, I’m going to be using her in my invading line-up this week. Plus she looks badass, so there’s that. :slight_smile:

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Me: Bwian eh?
@utfanx2: No, no, no. Brian.
Me: Stwike him Centuwian vewy woughly! And oh yes, twough him to da floow pwease.

A woman? No; a Roman, sir.

Hey @Sirrian @Nimhain I think this will really need patching to sort out… As a minimum, suggest that Sunweaver’s ability cannot target herself and/or the mana gain doesn’t scale with her magic stat…


He’s a wobber…

Sunweaver’s ability doesn’t say it can target any ally, so I don’t see how you misinterpreted it. Also, increasing her magic does increase the mana gain, at least it did for me in all of my invades today. She would increase all stats AND the mana gain by 13. Maybe I got lucky, but I doubt it.

Even if it couldn’t target itself, you could still use two Sunweavers for the same effect. I would recommend reducing its magic by one, and/or increasing its mana cost by one. Either would not allow it to be indestructible after one Brian cast.

Agree there’s still a risk that way… Though if she couldn’t target herself you’d need to get magic gain on both of them from Brian to get the infinite loop, which is less likely… But still a bit broken…

My wider concern currently is that she’s just far better than any current equivalent troop…

You are correct in a way. She does make Sparkgrinder seam rather pitiful in comparison, but there’s one aspect you’re forgetting. She can only target another ally, and though this may not seam very problematic at first, spark grinder can at least power himself as the only remaining troop in a line up, unlike Sunweaver. If she’s all that’s left, she’s loses the ability to cast.

I’ll admit, granting 12-14 health per cast does seam a mite OP, but she does take some powering up to get started and is likely to take backrow to damage casters.

Even in the Brian scenario, that’s a 25% chance of 12-13 Magic, still very luck based. But if she does manage it, she’ll sooner be powering Brian than herself, which could be quite interesting with an assured Brian cast from 12 Mana gain.

But then there are the troops that can benefit from your powering up.
Blade Dancer, Faunessa, Shadow-Hunter, Lamia
These troops become more powerful from this boosting, so there’s still some risk factored into it.

Actually she can target herself as currently coded… Possibly a bug, as I agree that’s not what her spell text says…

Confirmed: met one last night and she filled herself up nicely with her own abilities.

Sunweaver has been slightly nerfed so that she grants an amount of mana that does not scale with magic. Her +life, +armor, +attack buff still does scale with magic.

I’d not call that a ‘nerf’ in this case… obvious and necessary coding fix would be how I’d term it…!

…and she is still a bit over-powered!