Did I Find The Best {Most Accessible} Team? - Sunweaver

I do humbly believe that I’ve found the best team for players struggling with card limitations.

Little bit of backstory, I went until level 100 without any legendaries, completing all quests and obtaining all Common(white), Rare(Green), and Ultra-Rare(blue). Having done so, I found that I enjoyed Sunweaver’s entire concept; so… I began to experiment.

This was the first deck i came up with; won 90% of my matches:

After a lucky draw from a glory key, I formed this team;winning 95% of my matches, skipping all (Possibly hard teams, including goblins):

Then, me and my brother @DarkMakor decided to theory craft a bit more, we like to share ideas and builds… He doesn’t have Aziris. Doing Arena we discovered how potent the Wight could be and we wanted to put it in the build somehow, especially since he matched the set bonuses going on.

This is when i took to the Forums with this post: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/sunweaver-build/

With a little bit of insight from @utfanx2 and their constant suggestion of legendaries i didn’t have I got the inspiration to make an extremely accessible deck and thus… I have created a build that I have played 200 matches and only lost one (Due to the board refusing to spawn ANY blue matches at all [explained in a moment]) - at this point i’m not limited by any enemy; I do not even scout anymore, just search for a high gold target, and enter the match.

Thus without further ado, I introduce to you: “DeathWeaver”

This build only requires 2 traits to be successful: Druids’ and Wight’s Water Link This combined with the Giant’s Banner will give you +4 Blue mana on match, which will yeild 7 mana, and in consequence will charge Sunweaver in 2 blue matches… But that’s not all…when you self-cast sunweaver, she regains 6 mana, allowing only one more blue match to enable her to cast another

Ancient’s Glory:Increase Attack, Armor and Life of an Ally by [2+Magic]. Ally also gains 6 Mana.

Let’s take a closer look into Ancient’s Glory, and see how well it can scale from a low tier player, to a high tier player - It just keeps getting better.
+2 Skill base
+4 Base Magic @ level 15.
+1 Magic from Undead Captain
+2 Magic from Darkstone & Karakoth (+4 @ 5*Power)
+3 Magic from Water Spirit being her third Trait
=+12 Increase Attack, Armor and Life of an Ally

Gameplay: Focus all efforts on blue matches to charge Sunweaver, from there, gather magic until skeleton is fully charges - gauge how the match is going… Can you loop sunweaver 2-4 times? If so, get sunweaver to the point she can one shot everything, then cast skeleton… with luck, you will wipe the board, or at least clear your first target. Do not be afraid to cast Ancient’s Glory on skeleton to help him gather mana when you are being starved - Continue to rinse and repeat until match is over.

Weakness and balance:

  1. I’ve tried and tested this build as a defence, and it loses 75% of the matches. This is not an AI build by any means.
  2. This build can easily be shut down by a trueshot build or high damage front runner.
  3. This build is reliant on Sunweaver; yes she has died in several of my matches… when she does, prepare for a 3-5 minute match Wight does true damage and has self-cast life gain, and druid has a very nice cleanup spell so all is not lost.
  4. Build up time is too much…It’s a huge downfall an unlucky stride of no blue will leave you sitting hopeless most the time causing Sunweaver herself to die. On the other hand. just like any other build up team, it CAN and WILL completely obliterate everything when the mana falls correctly.
  5. To add to #4: being Mana starved will ruin everything.

Have a team that’s on par, or even better with no Legendary or NON-Quest Epics? feel free to post builds; but I believe i’m on to something here :confounded:


Try good old

It works best with Green Slime in first slot but it works properly with anything in first spot that

  • doesn’t use Yellow / Red / Brown mana
  • uses blue mana
  • has board control

I know I’m on the older version still with consoles, so no traits yet, but I use what Zelarith suggest above pretty much all the time. (mostly for souls, but also very good synergy) I use Treant in the first position (blue/green mana) as tank. And with the board control it provides, I don’t even pay attention to the other teams most of the time, just play the board. Only time I peak at the other team is when the board just isn’t providing the mana I need, so I see what to deny them until I can get loaded up. Once loaded, I usually run the board til the end and find Treant to be quite useful in cleaning up all the browns which he uses anyway to boost his buff. … But I do plan to experiment some more once we get upgraded to the new version, with both traits and new troops.

That deck is for soul farming, and it absolutely can not take on everything, it falls apart quickly, and is weak when the combos drop. The build in the OP is for win ratio vs everything, including very strong decks that will wipe you.

Looks like you didn’t play it enough. If you play it wisely, that combo will almost never stop, it beats full mythic goblins without troubles…

Another one you can try if you have the Eternal Flame weapon is
Eternal Flame
Goblin Rocket


Great build, and great write up! I hope players find inspiration in it. Good work!

Nice write-up. My experience using Keeper of Souls has been similar. If there aren’t any purples/browns on the board, use blues. It takes one extra turn having to cast Sunweaver, but you get the same mana as well as 10+ to all stats.

As an easy access team, water spirit is not going to be much of a factor. In that case, why not use air link?

Aziris ;alt. Skeleton

Cockatrice will entangle the enemy to protect Sunweaver from skulls, as well as drain their mana for further protection. If you buff Paladin once or twice with Sunweaver, he could do some decent damage.

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I agree. I had a lot of success with:

War Sphinx

even at low levels. War Sphinx is easy to fill, so he doesn’t interfere too much with purple for Banshee, and I only spend him if I get stuck flat-footed without a chain handy.

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Bad drops always happen… and once one spawner is dead, the entire team crumbles… I’m not trying to push a soul farm team onto everyone, I want to stray away from (MUST USE THIS TO SUCCEED) I value your opinion and input though, just understand where i’m going with this post, Thanks :slightly_smiling:

Yeah, I was actually on about that with my brother. We ABSOLUTELY LOVED the idea of using Justice to slay the wicked hue. but onto your question why not air link: There’s only one downfall… no upwards mobility… you will spend 8-12k souls (which is a ton for a casual player) for a build that won’t suffice once you move forward.

I created this build with the intention of it being exceptional for low tier players, and phenomenal for high tier players.