Proof the game cheats


Here is a screen shot of the opening of a battle today. The AI starts itself off at 100% even though I have the same team and I can tell you that my guy only starts at the stated 50% mana. I wish I had videos of a series of game plays to show all the times the AI drops in 4 matches and skulls (or both). but this is a start.


Looks like you took skulls, and he filled his first troop (blade dancer) on his turn.


Yeah, I think that seems to be the case considering the damaged armor of the blade dancer.


Agreed. Considering Blade Dancer is Fast, it would only take a single Mana Surge on a 3-match to fill him.


[sarcasm] Obviously you are both wrong. It’s a clear proof that the A.I cheated to start the game with less armor and full mana on Blade Dancer. [/sarcasm] :roll_eyes:



I just… This could have been Photoshopped, at least.


The same screenshot posted even without damaged armor wouldn’t be proof of cheating. Blade Dancer also has Agile. You could easily start a match, take skulls, have it not be damage, and have it fill on the first turn.


Would you prefer people photoshop accusations of cheating? That could be a thing, you know.


If I see a picture of a cheating AI superimposed on Queen Mab’s body, I know where I’ll start asking questions first.



This has the potential to become the best thread ever.



Preferably not, but I couldn’t stop myself from saying something.giphy (2)


I do suspect we’d run afoul of the “keep memes to a minimum” community guideline you’re supposed to be enforcing.


Ah yes, decorum! I meant, of course, within the confines of the community guidelines, naturally.


Wow… Spoilers of new effects? What “Yo Mama” does to a troop? :rofl:


The troop slays his foe with yo mama jokes of course.


@Ashasekayi has the right of it - Yo Mama slays 'em every time

Kind of the way Kraken does in the hands of that CHEATING AI


… I formally allow memes in this thread. Go forth and have fun!