Proof the game cheats


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When you don’t need any video evidences because the screen shot tells it all…



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Ya know i think it is reprehensible that someone would post an obvious lie about “cheating ai” and furthermore i am offended at the poor quality of the attempt.

To think we would all miss the fact that blade dancer was missing some armor points is beyond my understanding.


Let me explain something. I figured this OP was imtended as a joke. If it was i can appreciate that kind of humor so i looked at the rest of OPs posts…

I found that with the exception of his first few where he was looking for a guild, they are literally all complaining about “cheating ai” or devs inability to fix bugs since as a programmer he knows they could be fixed in a day or two.

Then i came upon this post

Now i am pissed. In case anyone doesnt know DiaF stands for “die in a fire”

I dont care if i get in trouble for this post but this person should be banned for this! This is unacceptable to see here and if this is allowed to say here about anyone then i want no part of these boards.

I was having fun meme bombing this thread but not anymore. I wont post another thing here so this person will get no more attention from me.

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Clearly this has gone on a tangent but I will state that I did not photoshop the screen capture. It was the opening screen. Those who don’t believe me simply will not no matter what I say. Others here also complain about the edge the game gives itself may see this as further reinforcement of what they are already seeing.

I have no reason to lie about this. I can appreciate the memes. Some are funny. The ad hominem attacks are the expected pettiness of small folk who hide in the internet anonymity. They do not matter.

People counter claims of the game cheating with all sorts of rationalizations and the devs have gone so far as to write the game “cannot cheat” and has had code reviews. I remain skeptical. There are powers that change the colors that drop so we know they can alter what drops. They admit they can cheat “in the player’s favor” at lower levels. So, why would anyone believe they can’t cheat?

One can accept that a higher difficulty level like Warlord IV makes the opponents stronger and tougher. That is clearly stated and you can change it to a lower level if you want. PvP is supposed to be a level playing field. I do not believe it is.

It appears to me that the trend in lessening the rewards one gets from exploration, battles, chests, etc. is a ploy by the devs to encourage more people to pay to win. Hand them a few undeserved defeats, especially if they have been playing for a while, and you push that “pay to win” button again and again. A fair enough ploy but to deny it is a lie. When you look at the many long time players all complaining about this same trend then I know I am not the only one.

At best, the many recent “bugs” and changes in game play (and cheating) are a sign of very bad programming and poor quality control. Bugs in complex programs are not uncommon. I noted that when they are in the player’s favor, the bug gets fixed fast or the troop nerfed in days. Bugs in the AI’s favor take much, much longer to address. These are not indicators of a company creating a game with a solid reputation for entertaining their customers and earning their money. It smells like a cash grab.

Fixing the quality issues has a simple solution: hire better people. Fixing the reputational issues is more of a challenge. If the AI truely is not cheating then I challenge the programmers to put in tracking code to show the statistics. Others have kept track of their game stats manually and have shown the numbers skew heavily in the game’s favor. No doubt the same people calling me names will ignore those observations as well. Again, small minds. An objective tracker would end the controversy. I believe it will show either cheating or perhaps a badly flawed RNG.

The sad part about all this is that this game used to be and still could be great. There is certainly a considerable amount of artistic talent and innovation that has gone into it. There is a lot very right with this game but it only takes one or two turds to spoil an ice cream sundae no matter how many scoops of ice cream you add.


I’m afraid that last part is correct - I don’t believe you. If others have the same thing I’ll reconsider. I’ve played so many games of gems of war and I’ve never seen a troop start with the wrong mana, or with damage to their armour like that. The game does not cheat, although sometimes the bad luck feels unbelievable. This has been well explored in the past and you are wrong in stating otherwise.

The point about rewards? Most people agree with you there. But they are 2 separate issues. The game does not cheat and we are all agreed on that.

Everyone agree?

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like who? could you show some examples?
for as much as i read the forum all examples of manual tracking either had not enough results collected to make it valid or showed rather balanced results for both player and ai sides.

its more likely that you didnt notice making 1 turn (skull hit) or lied rather then this was a starting board.
numerous, even countles players play this game but it was never reported even once to start a game with a wrongly damaged troop. game has many bugs but not this one yet.
and so, i agree with the below statement: