Proof the game cheats





I also agree with @Whiskeyjack’s words as quoted by @Annaerith. I would further say that your attempts to offer “proof” here are very poor in quality. To insult the intelligence of this community (and i would add that the level of intelligence in this community is well above average) by showing us that SS as your proof of a cheating AI is just lazy and ridiculous.

Actually you do. You posted a SS that is obviously not showing what you claim it to be expecting us all to be too stupid to see through it and now you are trying to save face.

Oh, you mean like saying you wish the devs would die in a fire? Honestly @Elric this is a disgusting thing to say. There are plenty of people on these boards that i just do not like but none as much as you. Personally i hope the devs see fit to permanently ban you from the forums and the game for that statement.

Now, having said all that i am done with you and i implore @Lyya to lock this thread.


I think we’ve all said our piece here.The screenshot in this thread is a valid and likely turn-2 scenario. @Elric, if you find credible evidence of AI cheating, please open a new thread to discuss.