Sunweaver Build?

I have since release thoroughly enjoyed the entire concept of Sunweaver and am wondering if I’ve done her justice.
Mainly looking for some insight on if my build can improve or if i’m missing anything

I’m level 88, and have yet to get any Legendary cards, missed the Winter Imp event; Have completed all Quest lines and have all White/Green/Blue cards except for: Ancient horror, Blade Dancer, Drake Rider, HerdMaster, and Lamia.

Here is my hero weapons Omit Sylvansi’s Blade, and Silent Night.

Also feel free to post builds you believe would be entertaining, or a fast clear team I may be able to construct.

Might want to work on your Brown mastery for the Mountain Crusher weapon at Mastery 30.

Mountain Crusher (Mana Cost:11 Brown , Unlocks at Earth Mastery 30)
Explode [0+Magic] random Brown Gems.

or wait for some of the exploder monsters such as Gorgotha, Carnex, or Ragnagord. Those exploding gems as Mana chargers would work very well with your low cost spells in your lineup.

I saw Gorgotha as my I wish i had this card to replace my hero a LONG time ago. sadly I’ve yet to even get one legendary. I usually clear 10~ Arena’s a week, + VIP 2 Glory keys… So close to, if not more than 50 Glory chests per week, and still no luck. I’m going to have all of the aforementioned blue cards before my first legendary :smiley:

You’re reliant on Sunweaver staying alive as your tank up front, so could think about another buff/heal option… Emperina would work better than Sparkgrinder…

I am as long as Sunweaver is priority, reliant on blue/yellow banner, and having an overflow is wise for me.

You could also try the hero weapon [Farsight Orb].

It’s not a legendary weapon (I certainly had it pre lvl200) but is very good at generating blue gems - 9 brown gems so charges very quickly and won’t overlap your other team members.

…it currently also still stacks (as all hero weapons do) with +Magic so you can quite often build up some very nice board fills.

+5 stats per cast is just gravy on an already nice cake…mmmm gravy + cake…:yum:

Slightly extending the scope but…you could also consider shuffling in Valkyrie (assuming you have her) and then a red mana generator such as the hero weapon [Eternal Flame] with the goal of multiple cascades to charge up Sunweaver.
E.g. [Eternal Flame] - > puts bonus red gems on board, cascades into filling Valkyrie → converts what’s left of board into blue gems, cascading into filling Sunweaver etc.

Can start to get a bit complex but these also give you chances of earning maps and benefit from soul boosts from Valkyrie spell + Necro trait.

A similar situation can also be achieved with Alchemist troop red cascade → yellow board fill → Sunweaver charge etc.

Obviously flag bonus changes to suit setup.


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That’s an excellent plan, Valkyrie is a great blue-generator with control…

If chocolate gravy was what @Richyread had in mind, then I retract my post and apologise…

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Eternal Flame Or Farsight Orb are out of reach, they are both obtained from rewards.

Honestly the sunweaver builds perfect with the hero being completely situational, same for Aziris probably, yasmine’s chalice is more of a defensive way to go about winning a match rather than that of the Cauldron which is an offense strategy, gorgotha, carnex and ragnagord would probably end up replacing aziris to blow up the board unless you wanna sacrifice the hero’s weapon completely instead, but if you ever swap aziris out keep in mind you lose necromancy + finger of death + the undead captain team bonus.

If your plan is to use Sunweaver to continuously buff itself, then I recommend filling the team with as many blue troops as possible to get magic boosts from water spirit. Something like this:

Green Slime
Keeper of Souls

With 3 undead troops, 3 blue troops, Karakoth, and Darkstone bonuses, you will have +6 magic. This will give you 12x life, armor, and attack every cast.


I play with Sunweaver as the back troop and something with traits suitable as a striker/tank in front.

Sometimes the AI kills my first troop but SW usually helps me recover once she buffs troop #2.

My current default invasion team is:
Red banner
Knight Coronet***

Having too many troops consuming Blue/Yellow is a non-problem, except for the occasional slow start when I can’t get red matches. Stoneskin keeps me going through that. I save KC’s spell for when I either need to kill something or I can get an extra turn from removing purple.

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Don’t have keeper or slime, Keeper would be a good replacement for Skeleton

Problem with this is, Sunweaver gives herself mana back, the entire theory behind this is after casting sunweaver on yourself, you now have 6/13 mana, a surge will provide 6+2 banner mana, only needing 7 to completely recharge herself, the buffing cycle continues until you one shot everything.

Alchemist (and Valk) both use less mana than Sunweaver, so her ability would get them closer to charged.
Then their ability creates Mana for Sunweaver to use (often to full), as well as help to control the board and create extra turns. The two feed each other and keep the board moving.

It also makes a buffer in your party. Should something happen and you lose the mana-generator in front of Sunweaver, you can still have Sunweaver go back to your original strategy of buffing herself.

That’s not the theory at all. I only cast SW on herself if she’s going to die and keeping her alive is a better option than casting on someone else.

SW either casts on the striker/tank, which is super efficient with Stoneskin vs. skulls, or on Alch/Valk when one of them has 4+ mana already to nitro-boost the transform chaining.

That said, I have had some epic battles where it’s come down to Sunweaver vs. 3 troops and she finishes everyone off.


Works the other way as well. Skeleton is a good replacement for KoS if you forgo brown. You can also replace Green Slime with Giant Spider. However, unless you stocked up on Zephyros or buy the current Pan’s Vale bundle, I doubt you have enough arcane blade stones to fully trait Sunweaver any time soon.

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Still looking for a bit more insight here if anyone has anymore imput :slight_smile:

To mention, i have completed all the questlines, and have no legendaries, and am only level 88 as far as mastery weapons. , please keeps it within the refines of that :confounded: