Sunweaver Build?

Quick heads up; next weeks event troop is supposedly going to be blue/yellow.

If you save up 2400 glory, you can buy 6 of the event troop to get 12 arcane blade stones to max Sunweaver.

Also, I went back and thought about my Sunweaver team, and came up with something better. By using two water link troops and the giants banner, you can get +7 mana per blue match. Since Sunweaver takes 13 mana to fill, it will take two blue matches to initially fill her, and one match to refill her after she casts on herself. To account for this, I pretty much replaced Green Slime from my original suggestion with Druid:

  1. Sunweaver
    Keeper of Souls

A couple alternatives:

  1. Sunweaver
    Bone Dragon
    Deep Borer

  2. Sunweaver

Another build that worked well for me in the past is using Sunweaver with paired exploders… Ideally that’d be something like:
…but in the OP you mentioned having no legendaries, so a good alternative is:
Exploders are risky but Sunweaver’s heal/buff ability will help your first exploder to the tanking, and paired exploders are very good at refilling each other…


Just got my First Legendary today, not sure how to apply Jarl to my team though, wish it was Keeper, or even bone Dragon.

– Edit, Just got Shadow Dragon As i logged in. – I always did say that by time i get a Legendary, i wouldn’t want it… >.<’

I am actually pressing through some challenges on Warlord 2 right now testing this build, it was easy to first trait druid and wight for water link, but… I am still missing the third trait on sunweaver for the extra magic which seems to be crucial for the self casting loop you are intending for this build. I only have about 1k glory saved, and will get 100 on reset. I’m afraid i’ll be shy for the Bladestones.

As well, Thanks for the input @Jainus, I like the idea of Exploders self sufficiency, but The non-legendary team you mentioned doesn’t seem to have much synergy there as well, i’m soul starved. Wish i had the legendaries to give your real suggestion a go.

Edit 2: @utfanx2 What about substituting Druid for valk once she has all of her traits - It’s be a solid team for farming souls, and with 2 yellow banner, and 2 water links, It shouldn’t be terribly difficult to build either her or sunweaver? I’m just a little bit torn about having sunweaver in first slot taking longer to build up cost for valk?

As well i’d be forgoing control over denial of both nature and earth mana.

@Jainus @utfanx2 Either of you think it might be a good combination somehow to use Jarl, Shadow dragon, and sunweaver - what’d be a good fourth? And what banner to use? I was thinking, Jarl would spawn yellow for shadow dragon, and being self fed, Immediately i’d be using 5 mana albeit Nature… Also there might be a conflict between jarl’s traits, and having sunweaver first for the loop.

Maybe using hero, with boar roarer and have sunweaver in third or last slot for double support?

Congrats on the legendaries. You will hate me for suggesting this, but how about:

  1. Sunweaver
    The Silent One
    Bone Dragon/Keeper of Souls/Skeleton

You will not have access to green, but Druids spell is barely useful anyways. The biggest loss is -2 magic; one from losing the undead bonus, and another for dropping a blue troop. If you do come accross The Silent One, his water link is on the first slot. While you won’t need any additional arcane blades for it, you will need a boatload of runics on top of Sunweaver.

How you going to suggest a team you know i can’t use, how cruel :frowning: I just dont know about Silent one, i never really liked his concept, though i’m sure he’s really strong,

I have been thinking of an overall Good build for sunweaver, and I think if i had the cards

Sunweaver, Green Slime, Keeper Of Souls, Wight. - But missing Valk, I want an overall strong build that i can use for everything and farm souls.

Edit: How do i farm 1k glory???

Login hourly for kingdom tribute is the best, followed by Treasure Hunt, then PVP with extra gold going to gold keys. Be sure to set Whitehelm as home kingdom.

What do you think the team i laid out,with green slime? And any suggestions on the jarl dragon team? or did i hit it on the head, and the combination really is weak?

Green Slime would help fill the skull generator faster, but would lose the 1 turn Sunweaver refill. Shadow Dragon and Jarl Firemantle are both great troops on their own. While neither stands out as matching well with Sunweaver, I figured I would try my best on a team with each:

  1. Shadow Dragon

  2. Jarl Firemantle
    Boar Rider

Seems formidable I was looking around in old posts, and came across this beauty… I wanna try it out sooooo bad.

I have neither Green slime, nor Keeper… >.<’

What banners were you using with them teams, Also… No sheggra. ;.;

also, my girlfriend has been running with Shadow Dragon since around level 20… being her first legendary, she uses:

Water Imp (15 attack)
Shadow Dragon

She has around a 95+% win ratio.

Just found a better alternative… Shadow hunter…

I’m thinking…

Keeper of Souls (skelly for now)
Shadow Hunter (water Link, AND Magic Spirit)

6 Base magic
2 From Kingdoms
2 from Magic Spirit - reflection of how ignorant you can be when you’re tired…

3 from Water Spirit
1 from Undead Captain

14 Total Magic on Sunweaver, with a renewing loop of 1 water match without needing a surge… This will slaughter anything.

Also, I do indeed like Knight Slayer, and Undead bond on Skeleton… though Keeper will fit so much better - I just Dislike his traits, besides necromancy.

Magic Spirit will only effect Shadow Hunter, so I would stick to the Druid for green. However, you can get +2 magic for ascending Sunweaver to legendary and mythic. So, it works out to 14 total anyways.

Herp derp, i’ve stayed up all night and i’m tired, heh. I’ma get some sleep, I think Shadow hunter would still be better though, wouldn’t it? It would do 10 + health/4. I just hate the randomness of druid, it makes me mad, heh.

I’m probably a lil late to this conversation, but my sunweaver build is:
Vampires Banner (+1 red/purp)

get +2 armor/life for having khetar/wildsplain troops and +1 magic for 3 undead.

Here’s a good Sunweaver team that, for me anyway, wins a LOT. Added bonus, no legendaries needed.

Herdmaster in the top spot. (With the traits built, this troop starts with some great stats.)
Goblin Rocket
Brian the Lucky

I think the key to this team is that it has 3 mana generating troops. Goblin Rocket, while it can do great damage if Brian has buffed it, is mostly used to build more mana with it’s one explosion, and/or planning the gems drops to get extra skull attacks after the extra turn.

After a while I moved Brian up to the Goblin slot and replaced the last slot with a Sheggra. Even if the first couple of troops die, this team can wipe them out in the end.

Even against the massive goblin troops and the glade warden teams I have a great winning ratio.

Also as an FYI, I have a lot of towns leveled so my Herdmaster starts with 20 attack, which helps with some skull matches early.

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Utilising your Jarl Legendary you could form a fairly decent Stormheim/Giants team including Valkyrie for the additional bonus to souls.


Frost Giant

Serpent is fairly easy to trait/evolve and its poison & agile traits are useful for early damage and avoidance, whilst you build up the mana for the remaining troops.

I found that Valkyrie & Frost Giant were a great early game/low level combination, only requiring 9 mana to charge his skill, yet dishing out some surprising burst given his 1:1 ratio buff.

Whilst Serpent & Frost Giant do have random elements to their skills it’s quite easy to optimise when best to fire them, although equally you could substitute Frost Giant for any other Stormheim troop (e.g. Zephyros)

King of Giants +4atk +2life bonus and combine with blue/red/yellow banner to suit.

I finally got Sunweaver fully traited. She is fairly quick, while impossibly tanky. I also found a way to incorporate Shadow Hunter, and you probably won’t like it:

  1. Sunweaver
    Shadow Hunter

This team loses the undead magic bonus, but still covers all the mana types. Shadow Hunter is a bit stronger and fitting than Wight is. Sheggra on the other hand is a tad riskier than KoS without a second red generator. You could sub Sheggra with Aziris if you don’t mind missing browns, or KoS/Bone Dragon missing reds.

I swear, I’m going to find you, and smack you with a Remembrall

You know i don’t have any legendaries… besides now jarl and shadow dragon. I find that taking out any magic bonus is going to sacrifice what the build is at it’s core.

I’m using:

grave knight

Banner Blue/Purple

doing quite well

if i had Keeper of souls i would exchange grave knight with him.


On a completely unrelated topic, I just realized what @utfanx2’s name means.
Go Horns?

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Once you unlock trait 3 on jarl, this deck crushes everything. It’s my soul/map farming deck.

I used
Keeper of souls

For quite a while. It’s great against most decks, but horrid vs true shot.