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Sunspear class event

Just wondering when we’ll get it again, been trying to level this up. Over 2500 wins…still a looooong way to go.

It’s tied to the weekly event kingdom, Pridelands in this case. Going by the currently planned schedule (subject to change) there isn’t one coming at least until November.

Pridelands was one of the rarest kingdoms to show weekly. It did show up in 2021 with Rope Dart but at that time, the weekly event kingdom wasn’t tied to the class event on Thursday. With 34 classes, you can expect it to appear within this year, although it does not appear in the spoilers till November (thanks @Fourdottwoone ).

Sidenote: Sunspear, with its eternal firestorm, is one of those easiest classes to level up. Casual PvP against low-level teams with Phoenicia/ThrallORLeprechaun/MarajiQueen should be quite fast.

Edit: I might have spoken too early - you may not have Phoenicia. If that’s the case, ignore my team suggestion. :slight_smile:

If you can put together this team and have 3 Nysha medals (I know that part is not an easy task overall) play cpvp tier 1. Its a cheap reroll if you get an opponent that you can’t 1 shot. But most times you get a string of 5-6 battles before you have to do that. You’ll get 2xp per battle. Imo these class events are only there to sell tiers and pay to win levels. Otherwise, they aren’t really great, especially with the criteria for teams.

Imperial jewel - catches all mana Phoenicia doesn’t get
Maraji Queen

Sunspear class for the storm
Maze banner if you have it

50% mana starts will get Phoenicia full almost always on Leprechauns cast. And from there cast Phoenicia hopefully to end the battle.


Thank you all