What is your fastest PvP team

I need a faster team for casual PvP to farm pets.

I use currently:
Banner: Maze
Class: Sunspear

  • Boomed Blade
  • Marilith
  • Phoenicia
  • Leprechaun


I reroll every score >10,000

What do you guys use for pet farm?

Thrall looks better than marilith there.

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I use Black Manacles, Phoenicia, The Maraji Queen, Leprechaun with Sunspear class and Maze banner. Very fast as long as there are no barriered or submerged enemies.

Divine Ishbaala
Rope Dart
Moon Rabbit

Green+ Purple+ Dark Elven Banner from Zhul’Kari

Tends to be consistently reasonably fast.

Thrall is a good point thx

Fast, reliable, consistant. I used this team to level all my classes.

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