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Main Hero teams for PvP and pet rescue

I use doomskulls team as my main team for PvP and pet rescue because is quite fast and has good winrate. But since seems that heroes are becoming more important I wonder which teams are people using with hero to develop the different classes.

Thank you very much.

Divine Ishbaala / Infernus / Ubastet / (Dawnbringer | Divine Protector)

It works in PvP, it works here. Sometimes the later matches get some cheap shots in on you and you have to try again, but I usually finish Pet Rescues in less than 10 minutes.

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Thanks, now I’m working into get dawnbringer (only 600k souls left XD) there is any good soul gaining team with hero? I’m now with TDS, Pharos, hero (any weapon) and umberwolf.

The hero can’t really have Necromancy, so no.

Pharos-Ra is worth 3x Necromancy troops, so you can afford to run TDS and effectively get 5x the Necromancy bonus instead of 4x. Once you also add the hero, you’re back to getting 4x so your team does as well as “4 Necromancy troops”. When I soul farmed, I did TDS / Pharos-Ra / Aziris / Aziris and that’s probably still the best. If you add the hero yes you will get hero XP, but the soul loss is significant and it’s a long way to go.

If you make a Scorpius brown team or Anu Champ blue team, you can run any class you want and still get the stat boost as long as you match the weapon (Mang for brown or Dawnbringer for blue, for example). That way you still get stat boosts every turn and a good weapon, even if the hero class you’re working on is kinda meh.

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Dawnbringer isn’t a necessity for pet rescue, since you don’t get penalized for losing. So you don’t need guaranteed barrier protection. If you get hit with bad luck, just restart once you lose a troop or two (unless you’re obstinate like I sometimes am lol).

Doomskulls are a very reliable team for these, Ubastet is just better. I’ve had some five-minute rescues.