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New Hero Class: Sunspear

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-hero-class-sunspear/

New Hero Class: Sunspear

A new Hero Class has been released, the Sunspear. Complete Finley’s Sunspear Training quest in Pridelands to unlock this Hero Class.

Also to celebrate the release of this new class, we will be running a Hero Class event over the weekend. Particpate in this event to help earn Champion XP for the Sunspear.

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Weapon looks interesting, just wish it was a double colour. Though with the Triple Skull damage talent, will want to run this out front, too bad Sekhma will be half blocked. :thinking:

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Some talents are worthless. Create a leafstorm at start of battle? Check 3rd trait… Devs its great that we have more classess but think about putting reasonable talents and not those that flat out wont work…


Fire storm for a third trait. 🤦
More Bard like classes less Rune Priest and Sunspear type classes please.


Made a forum account just to say that, the new class looks very underwhelming, and thematically wonky, it looks very weak to me, and the talent trees feel random, it should have been Light/Fire/War or had really good talents or skills, and it definitely should have been Red/Yellow mana not Red/Green, as it stands it looks like easily the least interesting or useful class in the entire game,


And… we got another Mythic in the questline! I wish Sekhma would fight alongside with him though.

As for the class, permanent storm traits could be use for interesting team build, especially team up with Fire Troll for endless red. Flame Soul reminded me a bit of Shocktopus, could be useful in some cases, but you can forget about using it on offense.

So the fire trait line is bad for talents. Why? Simple, level 5 and 20 talents are already active/taken by the traits already and this also affects nature at the same time for the level 20 talent. Honestly… kind of baffling this managed to sneak past.


So I’m not using the hero at all, hence me not caring about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of the class. Hence, me - as always - concentrating on the things no one else cares about. :stuck_out_tongue:

…Why is Khorvash still allowed to participate in these events?:rofl: He’s not even Leonis’ emperor anymore! Shouldn’t it be either the new emperor or at least Ishbaala there in his place? (Also dude totally took his crown with him when he went into hiding.)
I can just see all the other royals be all “Dude, this won’t work. We like you and everything, but either you take your throne back or you can’t do this. …Well, maybe your Manticore can. You could put him there. Or at the very least we need to change your title to ‘former emperor’. Or maybe just ‘Khorvash’. But…yeah, this needs to change. Especially if the people of Leonis are still looking for you. Don’t drag us into your mess. Especially not with this dumb hero around. While they’re not smart enough to rat you out since that would require the speaking of a full sentence, you never know…”


collected new weapon but is nowhere
level up my hero and nothing

Less Bard traits on heroes please. Its fun stacking multiple Anu/Scorpius + matching color troops, which I can’t do with Bard.


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Water Talent Tree, Talents conflicting with the last trait of the class, another weapon that is not even close to be legendary and yet is supposed to be Mythic… Why?

Why the team keep doing these careless designs?
Is it funny to watch we getting frustrated and complain about things ad nausea until it’s finally addressed?
Is the creative team so out of touch with the players about WHAT are balanced choices for fun, useful and thematic designs?

:expressionless: Ugh…


While i agree on the weapon being underwhelming, if you so happen to find mono colour opponents(good luck on that) this one is heaps above other hero class weapons…which are mostly aweful and mythic.

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Is it possibly viable for guild wars on defense?

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So we can’t level it up easily?

I am a casual player and I barely have enough ingots to level up one legendary weapon, and not even close to a mythic.

Pretty much all my kingdoms are stuck at “level 2 weapons” because they are all considered legendary or mythic…

More seriously, all the class weapons are “mythic” and like 90% of them couldn’t even pass for legendary.

Burning all enemies is pretty handy when you deal triple damage to burning enemies!


Would you bet your GW success on the AI picking the right gem colour?^^


Delving should help us all get more ingots, we shall know soon.

Lol, good point. But you did say mono color, that’s what popped the idea into my head.

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Excellent quest end!!!

“At least one of us profited.”

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