Hero Class Training - Discussion and Strategies

Earning class XP can be a slow progress, especially if the class is less than useful (no 50% start, no Rock Solid, etc).

What game modes do you use to maximize XP? What teams do you use, especially with weaker classes?

Sunbird, Hero Class with Dawnbringer or Imperial Jewel, double fire bomb. Can’t the firebombs fill sunbird and sunbird finishes off remaining troops.

Rowanne does 2x Armor damage, so toss a couple of Gaard medals on and use the following team:

Amanithrax banner
Mountain Crusher

Need all three traits on Leprechaun for the empowered start, and as long as your banner gives -Red or -Yellow you’ll do fine.

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daily farming delve nets 54xp per day. Currently farming city of thieves with Maraji queen/Rowanne/leprechaun/imperial jewel. I think ocularen banner, 1 green match fills Row, explode Lep if no matches. Works with any class.

Edit: I also play the teams from the “stupid teams” thread in pvp (both ranked and casual) and for the stronger stupid teams, in explore

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I try and avoid explore for class levelling, but what I do is in all the weeks events (where possible), level classes all the way through. So if we have Raid, always level the class required, faction event Tuesday, level a class and buy Tier 2 to finish it. All pet rescues, class events, all dungeons, all AB and the rest on Tier 3 PVP. Any faction event on weekend, always the class I need to pump, always.

No casual PVP unless the class to level is junk, doesn’t have half start or is just well, junk…Other events, Bounty, finish the bounty, use all the leftovers for class xp.

I’ve saved most of my challenges as well, so could use them. They are 1 time only and therefore aren’t really a long term method of levelling classes imho.

I’ve done this since classes came out, it’s worked as all are levelled except Archmagus and that will be finished before the next one materialises. By doing it this way and concentrating on one class until finished, they finish fairly well. The only time this became a problem was when levelling Oracle and Knight, which were poor in T3 pvp (although at 70, Knight gets banishment which makes it feasible against L&D meta still). What I did with these two was split them each week, but the progress was slower and new classes came out before they were levelled.

If I can give any advice, level these two either first or last, depends how you are with your classes. If you don’t want all classes levelled, these are probably two you can just ignore.

A fast explore team I do use is

Doomed Blade (Frostmage @100 - Lord of Storms)

Trident Banner

Either 2x Nysha, 1 x Gaard or swap for 2 Gaard, 1 x Nysha. That’s for vault events and with a class on AB/Dungoens etc.

In the most recent case - Archmagus, you can make that team with Doomed Scythe (hopefully you have Arcane Source and a 2 purple/green banner [Riven] ). At 3, it’s one Rowanne with decent guild stats. At 5, you can still do it with one Doom and 1 Rowanne with the aforementioned stats. You might get the odd stick in the mud, but usually it works.

Last vault weekend I used the same team at Tier 6, 2 trophies and it was generally a Lep cast into a skull match, a pass of Doomed Blade and 1 Rowanne and just about done. Watery on Doomed Blade is still annoying, but hopefully that will be resolved.

I also buy more tiers when a new class comes out, whereas I never buy final tiers for anything else. This way, I can manage gem expenditure. If the class is good, I will spend more gems in the class shop, if it’s junk, I look at my gem stash and see what I can afford. The easier option is spending the same amount of gems each time, but with all classes levelled, getting them to 40 at the event should allow me to finish them by next class release by using the above methods. :slight_smile:


This could be considered must-do part:
daily stuff (dungeon/adventure board)
pet rescues
Tuesday delve events (and daily delves for those who use farming strategy).

I personally don’t shun high level explore: either Gorgotha/Jar of Eyes/The Gray King/Tesla or Gorgotha/Zuul/Essence of Evil/Leprechaun works fine enough.
On gnome weekend - low level explore with a Rowanne team.

For PvP (while it is true that there are highly suitable options, but) - Yao teams work with any class; generic Rope Dart works with any class; also Gorgotha/Zuul/Essence of Evil/Leprechaun is a decent choice; Skeleton Key is not particularly class-dependant…in short, I use new hero class everywhere, except for specifically anti-Life&Death (or double Lust and similar) team.
Also - Raid Boss/Invasions/Tower of Doom for as long as possible.

Class events? Always using the class in question as long as it needs to be upgraded, I go for all rewards when new class is released; free sigils only on Thursday events.


Very important to boost weaker classes whenever possible but I don’t bother spending many gems during actual class events. Why? Because troop options are generally awful and I hate grinding with repetitive teams. I never even buy the weapon. Yes class progression is a Kingdom progression requirement but so is faction pet maxing. So I choose to boost delves more than classes. Unless you have loads of gems and time you are gonna have to do what suits you best. Classes can be boosted anytime but the window of opportunity for delves is much narrower. Having all classes maxed will not advance your kingdoms without significant delve commitment.