Explore Team With Hero/XP (Requires DB)

I’d be naive to think someone hasn’t thought of this, but I haven’t seen it. I was looking for an explore team that I could gain hero xp on.

This team is as fast as the sunbird team, but gains hero xp, never stalls and works with any hero class. I’m sorry I tried to make it work without dawnbringer, but it just doesn’t.

So if you only use Dawn in arena now, this is the team to make all that hard soul farming work worth it.

I purposely used a class with no mana gaining traits and no talents to show that it would work with any. I show that at the beginning of the video.

I’ve been using it to level frostmage and it works like super well with classes that have a jump, but the difference isn’t really noticable.

Double Red/Yellow - Class any
Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb

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I personally think hero (any damage-to-all weapon that doesn’t conflict with sunbird), sunbird, firebomb, leprechaun works better. FB first to start the firestorm, then lep on next team fills sunbird. Done. Hero there just for xp

It’s fair. I tried alot of different options, I couldn’t get hero/sunbird to mesh. If it required a gem match I counted that as a loss, cause it’s slow, and who knows how screwed you will be by the board.

Not that this team is better, it just requires one gem match every 1000 battles, I have verified that much :slight_smile:

An alternative to the classical sunbird setup is this:

Fire bomb
Forest guardian (fully traited) - gives 50% starting mana to firebird.
Hero (desired leveling class + a common red weapon)

Hello Aerathi!!! Thank You for a good Fast Team for Explorer. I have quite a few Mid Level Players that can benefit from this Team. Thanks Again!

I just did:

Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb

I never really had trouble with it. Every now and then there’s a slow game, but it balances out due to the quickness of the rest.

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Let’s not forget the old standby:

Imperial Jewel (any class)
Forest guardian
Fire Bomb
(Any +2 red banner)