Class leveling suggestions?

I have an idea, post the fastest class leveling teams that you know of…the idea came from another post of mine

I especially need sunspear teams…but all classes would be beneficial to me and I am sure lots of other players.

Crusher, Rowanne, Leprechaun, and Maraji Queen

Crusher, Phoenicia, Leprechaun, and Tink

Both work with every class.


Right now I’m leveling Warden with EOE, Queen Beetrix, Forest Guardian, Leprechaun

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If you need souls, consider Rowanne, Phylactery, Leprechaun, The Maraji Queen with the Merlantis banner. If you fill up Phylactery after casting Leprechaun, you can top off your souls and cast Rowanne on the extra turn. Any class works, but you are more likely to fill up Phylactery if you have a 50% mana start hero class.

Run Explore Difficulty 1 at a kingdom where you need traitstones to work on those as well.


To one-shot lower content:
Hero - any class, any weapon that’s not blue or green
Maraji Queen (must be traited, otherwise replace with something else.)
Leprechaun (must be traited)

To get rid of anything else:
Hero - any class but Stormcaller or Sunspear*, any weapon that’s not blue or green or purple
Queen Beetrix
Leprechaun (must be traited)
(* unless those classes have not been traited. The perma yellow / red storms are a big no-no on this team, believe me I’ve tried.)

My weapon preferences at the moment are Doomed Axe and Dragon’s Eye, respectively, but I don’t tend to use the Axe ever because Rowanne is funny. Dragon’s Eye on the other hand is a color-appropriate generator weapon that doesn’t create a storm of the wrong color (like Mountain Crusher does) and can also nerf worrying troops like something with Submerge on it.

Usually use the Rowanne team for AB tasks and anything similarly small. Venoxia can handle most PVP, explore 12, dungeons, etc.


Any blue weapon.
Any class.
Explore level 5 or lower, depending on what Phoenicia can 1-shot for you.
All troops must have all traits.


I used this to level all the classes to max
1t CASUAL pvp for 2 xp per battle (animations are quicker between battles)
Also use for adventure board, dungeons, pet rescue.
Advantage levelling via pvp is vast amounts of glory and gold generated.
The banner and weapon is flexible for completing some campaign tasks.
(This team now stays at Sunspear)