"Summer" offers + Free?

It appears there is a daily offer in $$ for 6 consecutive days followed by something “free” on the seventh day. It also looks like the same sort of offers will be available next week as well. I can find no information as to the nature of the 7th offer. Must you buy offers 1-6 in order to gain access to the ‘free’ item on the last day?

Howdy. The free offer will be available to you. No one has to purchased the $$$ offers to get the free offer. As for what the free off will be: :man_shrugging: We’ll find out the day of. My money is on 25 gems and a pet.


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Thank you for the reply. Is this something you know because you’ve seen similar offers before, or because you know the right place to look for such info? If the latter, please do share. :smiley: Thanks again!

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Actually, I know because of past experience. This is the 3rd or 4th time they have had a flash offer event with several $$$ days, then a free day. The 1st couple of times I thought I needed to purchase a flash offer and learned differently on these forums.

I wish it was posted ahead of time, but it’s not (as far as I know)


The summer deals can be pretty decent value if you need the resource offered.


today’s was really useful…me and another guildmate purchased, then traded the gifts…we both ended with 1125 gems . will be useful for the new pet and faction next week

Did you try to give the guild reward to yourself?

nope…is this possible?? if so, the new things I learn

I don’t know, I never tried. Last time I had them I gave them to 29 guild members.

Sadly, it’s not. I have 5 left over from a previous purchase, and the gift option is inaccessible on my username

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Yup, I have 3 left too and see it greyed out.

But regardless, a very good deal.

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Just here to confirm that you don’t have to buy the offers to claim the free rewards on the summer offer calendar.