Shark Week Offers: what did you think?

Having bought the offer every day of the week, this felt a little disappointing



50 gems for free is ok.


That’s about what I expected for a free offer.

I found the flash offers a little disappointing. I wouldn’t mind spending money on the game, but I haven’t found anything really worth buying. The costs all seem so inflated.

I’m thanking God that I didn’t trust the devs to send us a free Shark Pet copy like they usually do. So I get a 50 gem rebate on a Tier 7 Pet Rescue Purchase. :+1:


I thought they were alright. I bought one, honestly can’t remember which one though, lol. One of the cheaper ones. They seemed like a really good deal on gems, with an extra bonus. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of offers like this. Maybe not a full week of them though.

I liked the offers too, just happened to mistakenly expect a scaled free reward based on $$ spent :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue::vulcan_salute:

It seems like they were all scaled at around the same price. If you needed gems, they were fine. Otherwise, they all felt about the same

That square has had “FREE” on it all week, I’m actually shocked it was gems at all. I expected 10 minor traitstones and a gold key.

I didn’t spend any money, but I liked most of the deals. The Orb of Power deal was a good surprise. I’ve always felt they’d make money if they let people buy Zuul’goth for $200. That said I could still spend $200 on 3 games that’d last me longer than GoW so :man_shrugging:

I hope we get more themed week of deals. I think now that they’ve set the expectation of things like the Orb of Power deals people are going to set aside some money for it.

The main reason I didn’t spend money just came down to bad timing. I’m so used to GoW deals being bad that I’d already overspent a little on a different F2P. Next time if I know a week of deals is coming, I’ll hold out a little longer.


Although I did’nt buy any, I did like the variety. The 50 free gems was unexpected, but welcome. Was a little tempted by the 8 vault keys one, since I only need a few more blue orbs for Zuul.

I just thought of some honest feedback too: GW week might be the worst week to try out weird promotions.

Nothing makes me want to spend $ on the game less than facing 3 Essence of Evil and 2 Life and Death teams in a competitive event. GW is the event that makes me feel the worst so I was more in the mood to “show them who’s boss” by not spending. (Which, as I said before, I didn’t really have money to spend anyway.)


If you think this is expensive check out LGOH, there’s a reason a heap of their players have started GoW! The offers weren’t as advertised though, there were supposed to be offers for in game currency instead of actual money, I was disappointed in this.

I’ve also played F2P games with in-game purchases that are hundreds of dollars, but that doesn’t make these offers any less expensive.

True true, I’d buy the deathknight armor if it wasn’t so expensive!

Me too. Didn’t buy it when I started because of that, even though it is much more useful than other purchases.