Suggestion: Replace 1 million gem offers with free offers

As stated in the bug/not-a-bug announcement, the cost for the trial passes was… adjusted, because there is currently no way to include a second confirmation, and without such it would be unfair to charge gems from players (unless they are actually able to spend the requested amount, I would assume).

Let’s do the reasonable thing and turn this into the other direction:
If offers can be picked up by accident, and you are not able to fix this before the weekend (which is rapidly approaching), do not remove the option to take the offer, but the one to pay for it.

Instead of one million gems, turn it into zero gems (or one gem, if you insist).

You messed up. You deserve to lose some income for it.
This would finally be a more fitting compensation than a “Here’s fifty gems and now shut up about it” pacifier.


What about the people who already missed out on the offers?

They could run an extra Vulpacea reset together with whatever kingdom comes next (once it’s fixed).

I doubt they’ll send us pet copies for free, or minion orbs, but the would be another thing they could do.

Minion orbs might be the best as that doesn’t disadvantage those who already bought the pet up to mythic before it was 1M per offer.

We get 6 pets just for playing so it would take 2 minion orbs to max it.